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May 28, 2022
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Columbia Poodle Club
Friday Specialty with Jr. Showmanship & Obedience
Friday, Jul 14th 2006


Friday Judge:
Leedy, Ms. Betsy A.
Poodles (Miniature), Puppy Dogs 9 Months & Under 12 Months    
1/R 5 Just LeDoux It With Panash. PR07491902. 9/9/05. Brdr: Rose Hanisch,Gale Rivers, CH Deshlers Dime A Dance - Gayel's Layla De Rosa. Owners: Loretta Call
Poodles (Miniature), Open Dogs    
3 7 VALCOPY HALCYON TRADING PLACES. TR07190506. 8/20/05. Brdr: W Shank, G Spinks, M Fishler, D Augustus, CH GAYEL TYPE CAST TRADEMARK - CH CAMELOT HEAVEN SENT FROM HALCYON. Owners: Dana L. Plonkey,Wes Shank,George Spinks
2 9 Kallista's Spiritual Quest. PR05325203. 5/24/04. Brdr: Marlene T. Miller, CH Aery's Arrogance - Kallista's Quite Contrary. Owners: Connie A Schauermann
1/W/BW/OSV/OS 11 SALUTE TINTO CAO. PR07737901. 9/16/05. Brdr: Kathleen Aure, CH HALCYON HELL TO PAY - CH PENHURST EVERAFTER. Owners: Kathleen Aure,Jack MarksAgent: Tim Brazier
Poodles (Miniature), Puppy Bitches 6 Months & Under 9 Months    
1 6 Kiyara She's The Ticket. PR07537903. 12/9/05. Brdr: Michael Lamb, Bill Jividen, Barbara Conley, CH Gypsy King of Midnight - CH Kiyara She's All That. Owners: Barbara Curry
Poodles (Miniature), Puppy Bitches 9 Months & Under 12 Months    
2 8 CLARION CAMELOT HOT OFF THE PRES. PR07819002. 9/25/05. Brdr: Mary Ellen Fishler, Ann Kennedy, Katherine Kennedy, CH CLARION CAMELOT IMPRESSANO - CH CLARION CAMELOT FIRESTORM. Owners: Lacy Williams,Desi Lambert,A Kennedy,K Kennedy
3 10 Derosa Babette Teazer. PR07979603. 9/28/05. Brdr: J Gaidos,D Higuchi,M Iseki, CH Ramann Silverson - Valcopy Lucinda Ruh. Owners: Rose HanischAgent: Michelle Slater
1 12 GAYELS PERFECT ALABI. PR07156003. 10/5/05. Brdr: Gale Rivers, CH PENHURST GAY EL MAD ABOUT YOU - PAMPER'S PHIL O' SOPHIE. Owners: Gale RiversAgent: Tim Brazier
Poodles (Miniature), Bred by Exhibitor Bitches    
2 14 ADARA TRICK CHICK. PR06385402. 5/8/05. Brdr: Nancy Schmidt, Sarah Schmidt, CH WARMING BLACK DASHING DANDY - CH SILVERADO AMERICAN STYLE. Owners: Nancy Schmidt,Sarah Schmidt
4 16 HUSHABY DKL'S SUSIE Q. PR06227603. 9/29/04. Brdr: Gail Banchet, Dale Lenington, CH EBEL THE REIGNMAKER - DKL'S HELL'S ANGEL AH ROCKN. Owners: Gail Blanchet
1 18 DEBLON'S COMMANDING OFFICER. PR06701803. 2/28/05. Brdr: Deb Phillips, Fallon Phillips, CH FRIENDSHIPS EVERLASTING BY EBEL - EBEL'S KISSN REIGN TO RILLA. Owners: Deb Phillips,Fallon Phillips
3 20 KALLISTA KAMEOS COME SAIL AWAY. PR06033101. 3/16/05. Brdr: Lorinda Maxwell & Marlene Miller, KALLISTA'S SILVER SAILS ALOFT - KALLISTAS KAMEO. Owners: Lorinda Maxwell
Poodles (Miniature), Open Bitches    
1 22 CLARION CONSPIRACY. PR05450901. 6/28/04. Brdr: Ann Kennedy, Katherine Kenney, Richard Beauchamp, CH MINARETS REACH TO THE STARS - CH CLARION BARKING SCENARIO. Owners: Katherine Kennedy,Richard G BeauchampAgent: Timothy Brazier
2 24 Rosewood Right Again. PR06248505. 4/6/05. Brdr: Rosemary Wright,Noel Wright,ME Fishler, CH Rosewood Devil Dog - CH Halcyon Starling. Owners: Francine Mills,R Wright,P HottingerAgent: Antonia Fillingim
Poodles (Miniature), Best of Variety Competition    
  13 Ebel's Justin Time For Desi. PR02101201. 4/4/03. Brdr: Kathleen M Bailey, Ebel The Reignmaker - Ch Ebel-timeless Precision. Owners: Desi Rudisill
BV 26 CH SARUKO LEADING LADY. PR03292401. 5/9/03. Brdr: M Denise York, Ch Songbird Rock My Way - Saruko Valcopy Eloise. Owners: M Denise YorkAgent: Beth Hilborn
A 28 CH KARALEA CINBREN FACE VALUE. PR03798701. 3/5/04. Brdr: Karen Leabo, Phil Leabo, Beva Wahl, CH KAMANN SILVERSON - CH KARELEA BOLD & BEAUTIFUL. Owners: Karen Leabo,Phil LeaboAgent: Tim Brazier
Friday Judge:
Leedy, Ms. Betsy A.
Poodles (Standard), Puppy Dogs 9 Months & Under 12 Months    
2 5 PALMARES BECASSEAU. PR06822203. 8/16/05. Brdr: Janet V Blannin, Minarets Bandero Rojo - Palmares Minarets Sandpiper. Owners: Janet V Blannin,Robt W Blannin
1 7 Canisy's Conquest. PR07022701. 10/4/05. Brdr: Sally Roberts, CH D'Kamron Klassic Kosmo - CH Obsidian Midnight Blue. Owners: Sally RobertsAgent: Antonia Fillingim
Poodles (Standard), Dogs, 12 Months & Under 18 Months    
A 9 KALLISTA'S REV IT UP AT POOF. PR05900701. 1/8/05. Brdr: Marlene Miller,Jud Miller, PATRICIAN GYPSYTRAMP'N THIEF - KALLISTA'S TAYLOR MAID. Owners: Desi Lambert,Lacy Williams
1/W/BW 11 Brighton On Seventh. PR06852502. 4/10/05. Brdr: L' Dyne Brennan, CH Ale Kai Miki Moto On Fifth - CH Brighton Calender Girl. Owners: L' Dyne BrennanAgent: Tim Brazier
Poodles (Standard), Bred by Exhibitor Dogs    
1 13 Minarets Enrico Dorado. PP64671208. 5/11/01. Brdr: EstherAnne Underkofler, Palmares Highland Jouet - Minarets Madeline. Owners: EstherAnne Underkofler
A 15 WINDEMERE GUNNERS CHARGE. PR03417802. 1/14/04. Brdr: L Richardson, B Richardson, CH WINDEMERE DIRECT HIT - CH WINDEMERE ENCHANTED COUNTRY. Owners: Larry Richardson,Betty Richardson
Poodles (Standard), Open Dogs    
1/R 19 MOONSTONE'S BIT O PARADISE. PR04539403. 5/28/04. Brdr: Sally School-Brandes, MOONSTONE'S BIT O BLARNEY - BLUE BLOOD'S MS. BIANCA. Owners: Tyombe Hallman,Tynia Johnson
2 21 NEVERMORE FABIAN. PR04432908. 6/12/04. Brdr: Sue L. Henly, CH BARBICAN FILAGREE FUTURE - CH NEVERMORE VAN DOREN. Owners: Charleen Schulz,Sue HenlyAgent: Michelle Slater
3 23 ASCOT CALVIN KLINE. PR07463601. 9/23/05. Brdr: Debra Spickler, Glenna Carlson, CH GLORIA'S LOGAN AT AUTUMNHILL - ASCOT CHANEL. Owners: Debra Spickler,Glenna CarlsonAgent: Tim Brazier
Poodles (Standard), Puppy Bitches 6 Months & Under 9 Months    
1/R 6 Jaset Black Pearl. PR07160401. 11/7/05. Brdr: Katherine Higgins,Wendy Cronkile,Karen Kaempffe, CH Jaset's Cloak N Dagger - La Marka Baroque Xfile-Scully. Owners: Brenda Thorpe,Chris Bailey
3 8 Minarets Amber's Song. PR07113001. 10/19/05. Brdr: MarshaAnne Howell,EstherAnne Underkofler, Minarets Enrico Dorado - Amberrs Terra Cotta. Owners: EstherAnne Underkofler
JUDG 10 CADBURY'S THE GARBO MYSTIQUE. PR07326906. 11/9/05. Brdr: Tave Drake, Fran Fischer, CH CADBURY'S CITY SLICKER - CADBURY'S IN A MINUTE. Owners: Tave DrakeAgent: Deb Phillips
JUDG 14 Callista's Crystal Rose. PR07737604. 11/12/05. Brdr: Janie M Newton, Sos Ritz's Jamaica Mon - Josefina's Crystel Rose. Owners: Vicki Copple
4 16 Plk's Chahala's Chrystal Rose. PR07737602. 11/12/05. Brdr: Janie Newton, Sos Ritz's Jamaica Mon - Josefina's Crystel Rose. Owners: Janie Newton
Poodles (Standard), Puppy Bitches 9 Months & Under 12 Months    
3 18 Valcopy Viviana. PR06979602. 6/30/06. Brdr: Dana Plonkey, CH Litilann's Breakout - Valcopy Xmas Eve. Owners: Letitia Cannon,Dana Plonkey
2 20 VALCOPY XMAS IN JULY. PR06979603. 7/26/05. Brdr: Dana L Plonkey, CH LITILANN'S BREAKOUT - VALCOPY XMAS EVE. Owners: Kymberly Gagner,Dana Plonkey
4 22 Peartree Blue Saphire. PR07254701. 9/9/05. Brdr: Robin & Tim Womack, CH Sher'Lyn's Banacek - Peartree Promenade. Owners: Marilyn HutchinsAgent: Kathleen Bailey
1 24 Canisy's Klassic Karma. PR07022702. 10/4/05. Brdr: Sally Roberts, CH D'Kamron Klassic Kosmo - CH Obsidian Midnight Blue. Owners: Sally RobertsAgent: Antonia Fillingim
Poodles (Standard), Bitches, 12 Months & Under 18 Months    
2 26 Seacrest Ocean Breeze. PR05920801. 3/17/05. Brdr: Olivia M. Olsen, Ch. Litilann's Breakout - Banner Sandpiper Of Seacrest. Owners: Olivia M. Olsen
1 28 Rys Opalessence. PR06634901. 2/17/05. Brdr: Carole S Ryan, Patrician Gypsytramp'N Thief - CH Rys Reminiscent Of Pinafore. Owners: Carole S RyanAgent: Michelle Slater
Poodles (Standard), Bred by Exhibitor Bitches    
3/JUDG 30 MINARETS MADELINE. PP54524202. 1/31/98. Brdr: Debra Willis,EstherAnne Underkofler, ROW-SAND'S ICE MAN AT ORISTA - ORISTA'S MEGAN OF MINARETS OA OAJ. Owners: EstherAnne Underkofler
2/JUDG 32 Friendships Beyond The Horizon. PR07108109. 9/1/05. Brdr: Bonnie A Hansen & Mishelle A Plummer, Daddy-O's Nat King Coal - Intl Ch Kaycori Heidi Ho. Owners: Bonnie A Hansen,Mishelle A Plummer
Poodles (Standard), American Bred Bitches    
1 36 PENHURST FOOLS RUSH IN. PR03524901. 11/4/03. Brdr: Penny A Dugan, CH LITILANN'S BREAKOUT - CH PENHURST FOOLISH WHISPER. Owners: Kelly Call,Penny Dugan
Poodles (Standard), Open Bitches    
2 38 TEES CRYSTALTON EXODUS. PR03165401. 4/14/02. Brdr: Dr. Terill Udenberg DVM,Carol Graham, CH AVERINA'S DAVID DIFIABON - CH BLUE SKIES PARTY TIME. Owners: Suzanne Warrington,Terill Udenberg,Carol Graham
A 40 WINDEMERE FINE DESIGN. PR03535801. 12/14/03. Brdr: L Richardson,B Richardson, CH GRAPHIC POLTERGEIST - CH WINDEMERE DESIGNER DOLL. Owners: Larry Richardson,Betty Richardson
4 42 NEVERMORE E. FITZGERALD. PR04432907. 6/12/04. Brdr: Sue L. Henly, CH BARBICAN FILAGREE FUTURE - CH NEVERMORE VAN DOREN. Owners: Sue L. HenlyAgent: Michelle Slater
3 44 LA PERLA LA CAYMAN. PR05668301. 1/8/05. Brdr: Delores Nowak, PIERRE LA CAYMAN - CH MS. LA CAYMEN. Owners: Dolores Nowak
A 46 MAGIE NOIR TINA TURNER. PR01871402. 4/22/03. Brdr: Wade J. Harman, CH BOUQUET FANTACINIC DAVROFF - HOLBROOK OLYMPIC MARMOLETTE. Owners: David Petrie,Cathy PetrieAgent: Tim Brazier
1/W 48 Pinafore Serendipity. PR04574502. 5/8/04. Brdr: Mrs Philip J Harney, CH Winks Love Me For The Money - CH Pinafore Tummy Girl. Owners: Nevenka Blazevic,Penny HarneyAgent: Antonia Fillingim
Poodles (Standard), Best of Variety Competition    
OS 17 OSO NIEVE DE DONNCHADA. PR05527609. 11/29/04. Brdr: Jane Harvey, CH BOXWOOD BMW - CH DONNCHADA OSA MI HERMOSA SUZANA. Owners: Susan Gray,Jane HarveyAgent: Beth Hilborn
  25 CH NEVERMORE FOSTER. PR04432902. 6/12/04. Brdr: Sue L. Henly, CH BARBICAN FILAGREE FUTURE - CH NEVERMORE VAN DOREN. Owners: Kandice McClafin,James McClaflinAgent: Michelle Slater
A 50 CH CARRINGTON'S JUST SO YOU KNOW. PR03483301. 4/27/03. Brdr: Dianne Hopper, CH CARRINGTON'S ALL FIRED UP - CH CARRINGTON'S ETERNAL FLAME. Owners: Dianne HopperAgent: Terry Bernier
BV/B 52 CH RANDENN TRISTAR AFFIRMATION. PP67215501. 1/31/03. Brdr: Dennis McCoy, Randy E. Garren, J Lacey, J Lacey, CH EATON AFFIRMED - CH RANDENN TRES CHIC. Owners: Toni Sosnoff,Martin SosnoffAgent: Tim Brazier