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Jul 20, 2024
7:04 PM


WSOTC All-Breed Obedience Trials
1st All-Breed Rally Trial
Saturday, Apr 2nd 2005


Rally Novice A   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
  701 LAKINA'S ALLEGRO SPIRITUOSO CDX TD. WP92458902. 6/19/99. Brdr: Ivan Giddings, Rebecca Giddings, CH CHELLEN'S ANTHEM FOR MIS-T CDX PT - HC LAKINA'S ELSA VON TUBA CDX NA. Owners: Tony Kim (Rottweilers)
  702 ENCORE'S REBELLION. WS02333604. 7/19/02. Brdr: Cheryl Cates, CH Lynbary's Ode To Cachet - CH Encore's Allure. Owners: Deon Stonehouse,Richard Stonehouse (Boxers)
  703 CH RAYBILLS SWEET TALKIN MAN. RM29668001. 10/25/99. Brdr: Shannon Theel,Mrs. Ray T. Robison, CH Foxmoor Its Showtime - CH Raybill's Picabo Sweet. Owners: Ed Shipuleski,Carole Crean (Fox Terriers(Smooth))
Q 704 BIBELOT'S TOLKA TINTANIUM. PR02908301. 4/30/03. Brdr: Susan Fraser, BIBELOT'S CHEROD TINSMITH - CH GRAPHIC BLACKTIE AG OF BIBELOT. Owners: Vikki Kauffman (Poodles(Standard))
Q 705 MAZEL TOV JOSEPHA ARIEL CD. DL84091804. 6/1/00. Brdr: Catherine Oskow,Craig Oskow, HADAR HAARETZ NORTHERN SNOW - PLEASANT HILL TOVAH CD HC. Owners: Kathleen Hargrave (Canaan Dogs)
93/3 706 CH FRONTIER RUSTLE UP THE SKY NA OAJ. RM20585501. 3/31/97. Brdr: Kathy Teufel,Greg Teufel,Kayti Cook,Dale Cook, CH SUNKIST STICKY WICKET - CH KOBOLD TINKERBELLE'S TAKE OFF. Owners: Katherine Teufel,Greg Teufel (Border Terriers)
A 707 Sentra's Kiss My Bud CD. WS09846101. 8/16/03. Brdr: Joyce MacDonald, CH Sentra's Aztec von Meuenschloss - Sentra's Frosty Dawne. Owners: Tony Kim (Rottweilers)
88/4 708 Belles High Velocity. SR11413612. 9/3/03. Brdr: Ty Mallery, Custer-Sergeant-Major - Belles Bear Nugget. Owners: Lori Vicari,Don Vicari (Retrievers, Labrador)
Q 709 CENTENNIAL'S PATENT PENDING. SN92363802. 9/1/02. Brdr: Sally Maxwell, CH CAROUSEL SILVERHILL ANTE UP - CH GOOD-WILL BRIGHTWATER ON A WHIM. Owners: Kelly L. Morrisroe (Spaniels, English Springer)
  711 CHANDLER KOSTELICH. TR03829606. 6/29/02. Brdr: Aaron Cline,Rhonda Cline, HARLEY CLINE - KOHANA CLINE. Owners: Kathy Peycke (Pugs)
Q 712 CH ISAACS-LEGEND SHILOH. DN00894703. 5/17/02. Brdr: Ronald and Deniece Isaacs, CH Shallazar's Artic-Dragon Issacs - CH Gilfronissacs Ice Princess CD. Owners: Julianna Pulliam (Australian Cattle Dogs)
Q 713 SPIKE'S HOME AT LAST. . 1/21/01. Brdr: UnK, UNK - UNK. Owners: Steve Else,Judy Else (Australian Shepherds)
  714 Kings Valley Resolute. DL89991906. 12/13/01. Brdr: Eva Rappaport & Leslie Rappaport, Ch Kings Valley Cavalier II - CH Kings Valley Quicken PT. Owners: Janel Kempf (Collies(Smooth))
Q 715 SUNNYDAZE LIONHEART. SN10157805. 7/21/03. Brdr: Linda E Maffett, SUNNYDAZE MUSIC MAN - SUNNYDAZE WISH UPON A STAR. Owners: Karon Snee (Retrievers, Labrador)
  716 Sweetbay's Alexis. WR04847909. 11/15/01. Brdr: Judi Adler,Ellis Adler, Sweetbay's Cheechako CDX TD - Sweetbay's Esme CD TD. Owners: Ken Norman,LaTisha Norman (Newfoundlands)
99/1 717 MADDIE . . 8/1/02. Brdr: Unknown , UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN . Owners: Julianna Pulliam (Australian Cattle Dogs)
  718 Corsa Bella AXJ. PP54354608. 1/21/98. Brdr: Sharon Lanphear, Palmares Rusty Red Of Kimpon - SK's Alona Le Black. Owners: Vikki Kauffman (Poodles(Standard))
  719 FC JESMYSTER HATAKI EULENSPIEGL LCX OA OAJ OAP OJP MC. HM75971002. 4/3/98. Brdr: Debbie Brower,Karen McClelland, CH FILMAKER'S BLAZING BLUE STAR - CH HATAKI'S VICTORY HUNTER CD. Owners: Gary Larsen,Gudrun Utz (Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
Q 720 HEARTFIRE'S LYRIC ILLUSION. DL78872305. 4/7/99. Brdr: Julie Humeston, Steve Humeston, CH HEARTFIRE'S TIN CUP - CH HEARTFIRES KISSED BY THE SUN. Owners: Monique Feyrecilde (Australian Shepherds)
Q 721 ACCENT CRITTER GETTER CD NA OAJ. DL82846103. 2/15/00. Brdr: Nancy Bullat, CH WYNSTONES RANDOM ACT - ACCENT'S NORTHERN LIGHTS. Owners: Shari McAuliffe (Shetland Sheepdogs)
Q 722 MOLLY. . 11/24/98. Brdr: UnK, UNK - UNK. Owners: Elaine Cruickshank (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 723 THORNWOOD'S ON THE FLY. SR08000304. 5/14/03. Brdr: Cheri Conway, CH DAVRON GABLE - THORNWOOD'S DELIGHT. Owners: Cheri Conway,Lorna Brandt (Retrievers, Labrador)
98/2 724 MERLIN WILLIAMS. . 1/1/99. Brdr: UnK, UNK - UNK. Owners: Rachel Williams (Australian Shepherds)
Q 725 ELWHA'S TAG-ALONG TESS. RM30328602. 2/16/00. Brdr: Charlotte Metzler, OTLEY'S MR CRACKERJACK PRIZE - CH OTLEY'S KATHAUS TRAMP. Owners: Nancy Hansen (Border Terriers)
Q 726 SADIE. . 7/17/98. Brdr: UnK, UnK - UnK. Owners: Barbara L Chamberlain (Rottweilers)
Q 727 Wynset's Zipper of View Ridge. DN00848303. 4/8/02. Brdr: Wynset Shelties - Gary Whitmore, Wynset's Oliver The Place - Kelnook Astraea Devil's Waltz. Owners: Michael Schaefer (Shetland Sheepdogs)
Rally Novice B   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
Q 801 CH Deja Vu Sense and Sensibility. DL86939901. 1/24/01. Brdr: Terry Miller, CH Deja Vu Instant Success - CH Mokie Deja Vu Mona Lisa. Owners: Tracy Thorleifson (Briards)
Q 802 HOLLYWOULD'S RAISIN' CAIN CDX ME. RM20598901. 4/15/97. Brdr: Curt Whall,Joyce Whall, CH Terrywood's Artful Dresser - CH Seajay Seattleite Dish. Owners: Jill Petersen (Cairn Terriers)
Q 803 CH Ballyhoo's Gullah Taoide CDX AX MXJ. SN62111609. 2/22/99. Brdr: Patricia Morton, CH Madcap's Blast From The Past - CH Ballyhoo's Current Attraction MX MXJ. Owners: Donna Sand,Christopher Sand,Dede Selph (Spaniels, Irish Water)
Q 804 CH Kelby Creek's Western Flash. SN85720703. 8/7/01. Brdr: Tonya J. Gisselberg, CH Asta El Rojo De Grouse PT JH OA OAJ - CH Kelby Creek's Mercedes. Owners: Tonya Gisselberg (Vizslas)
  805 CH JERICHO MEG'S LITTLE SOFIA SS CD JE. HN00322401. 11/13/01. Brdr: Sharon Spearin, VALONA'S PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - JERICHO'S MORNING STAR SS. Owners: Marguerite Weis (Dachshunds(Smooth))
Q 806 SNOWFLOWER MIDNIGHT INFERNO CDX OA NAJ. DL88547605. 7/10/01. Brdr: Cheryl Bayister, CH EMBER GLO'S GRAND JURY CD TD - CH SNOWFLOWER MOONLIGHT MADNESS CD OA AXJ . Owners: D.M. Carlson,Ken Carlson (Belgian Tervurens)
100/2 807 Trinity Hill's Good Time Charlie TD JH. SN74631003. 4/18/00. Brdr: Bernice Giles, CH Goodtimes Trademark Of Rush Hill NAJ OA - Oryan's Polynesian Moon JH. Owners: Dale Worthington (Retrievers, Golden)
100/1 808 OTCH WILDWIND LIGHT UP THE SKY VCD3 UDX JH MX MXJ MJP. SN10429010. 9/25/93. Brdr: Sharon Chenette, CH OTCH MEADOW POND STARDUST REGGIE - WILDWINDS KEEPIN N' ZANE. Owners: Nancy Light (Retrievers, Golden)
  809 CH Kilmer's Blarny Duncan Yo-Yo CD. SN21794609. 12/19/94. Brdr: Thomas A Cox, CH Whistlestop Grogan O'Maleigh CD - Witch Of Spancilhill. Owners: Walter J Kilmer (Spaniels, Irish Water)
Q 810 DIAMAIR ABRAHAMS TOP HAT . HM86388302. 6/30/99. Brdr: Karol Shakman,Jan Schreiber, CH CHARLEN'S INTREPID OF RAREGEMS - CH ASHENAFAE PASSION. Owners: Ingrida Robinson (Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens)
Q 811 Cara's Twist of Fate . WP99234402. 9/23/00. Brdr: Ray Carlisle, Apolon Atari Lee - Cara's Angel CD. Owners: Lisa Nonog,Faye Peairs (Doberman Pinschers)
A 812 CH EBNET'S KOLD MAZAMA WINTER CDX NA OAP NAJ OJP . WP88058701. 9/8/98. Brdr: Sean Ebnet,Lisa Ebnet, CH URSAMAJOR'S STELLAR BANDIT CD NA - PIKE'S BELLE BLAIR VON EBNET. Owners: Ruth Nielsen (Bernese Mountain Dogs)
Q 813 ZEBEDEE ECHOES OF MERCY CAN/AM JE HIC. RM27572001. 8/24/98. Brdr: Melanie Wallwork, CH KLEIN DARLING'S TOUGH SEA SIGHT - WENWAGON ALDIE. Owners: Lorece Newton-Moore (Norfolk Terriers)
Q 814 CH RACCOON'S OH BOY AT NOHEA TD OA NAJ JH. SN78480501. 6/14/00. Brdr: Jaana Rawkio,Ritua-Liisa Rawkio, PILULA'S NONUS NEINAR CHOCOLADEMAND - RACCOON'S X-TRA PRETTY. Owners: C. Danae Steele,Thea N. Steele (Spaniels, English Cocker)
Q 815 PACIFICGOLD'S JUST CAUSE. SR07353201. 10/7/02. Brdr: Carol Morrison, Ch Pacificgold's Bavarian Cobbler - Ch Windrifts Vivre La Folle Vie. Owners: Delores Watts,Louis Watts,Carol Morrison (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 816 AERO-JETT'S KOKOPELLI DREAM VCD1, TDX, OA, OAJ, SH. SN85556301. 7/13/01. Brdr: Vicki Sheets, TANBARK'S DIRT-TRACK DEMON UD - AERO-JETT'S GRACE ELANE. Owners: Nancy Light (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 817 CH NOHEA THE BELLMAKER VCD1 OA AXJ SH. SN47197301. 8/28/97. Brdr: C. Danae Steele,Thea N. Steele, CH Brightleaf The Blacksmith CD TD - CH Northworth United Will Be CD TD. Owners: C. Danae Steele,Thea N. Steele (Spaniels, English Cocker)
Q 818 MACH Apple Acres Graham Slam CD PT. DL79233805. 3/19/99. Brdr: Locklyn Guzman, CH Trevanne's Grand Am - CH Apple Acres Photo Shoot. Owners: Bonnie Logen,Graham Logen (Shetland Sheepdogs)
  819 Ravensown Distnt Sturmndrang CD. WP82846402. 12/28/97. Brdr: Kim Owen, CH Soquel's Distant Thunder - Liberty's Sprite of Seattle. Owners: Andrea Sanford (Doberman Pinschers)
Q 820 DIAMAIR MAKE MINE A BUD. HM99668802. 11/30/01. Brdr: Karol Shakman, CH DIAMAIR AHABS MOBY DICK - CH ASHENAFAE PASSION. Owners: Ingrida Robinson (Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens)
Q 821 ACCENT'S KEEPIN' THE BEAT TD, AX, MXJ, UD. DL79612602. 4/18/99. Brdr: Nancy Bullat, CH TRIME ACCENT TOP SECRET - ACCENT'S NORTHERN LIGHTS. Owners: Richard Ashby (Shetland Sheepdogs)
Q 822 SHIMMERING CRYSTAL SPIRIT. SN79179304. 12/1/00. Brdr: Christian Klebey, SONNY OF BUTTEVILLE - SALLY OF BUTTEVILLE. Owners: Glenn Ellen Sickles (Retrievers, Labrador)
Q 823 Johnstone's Millennium Magic CD. SN81652805. 3/27/01. Brdr: Cheryl Johnson, CH Rolyart's Still The One - CH Johnstone's Tandah Ala' Fireside CD. Owners: Catherine Soule (Spaniels, Welsh Springer)
Q 824 PAQUESTONE N'ZANIVI ROLLNTHNDR CD NA. WP99930601. 3/30/00. Brdr: Raymond Goldstone,L. Kinney,J Kinney, DAYNKIN XACTLY ROLLIN THUNDR CD OA - PAQUESTONE G'NITE GRACI ZANIVI. Owners: Marta Brock,R Goldstone (Great Danes)
Q 825 Rogel's D'Chip de Hollywould CD. RM29910603. 12/21/99. Brdr: Elizabeth Pearson, CH The Entertainer - Ariel Terra Nova. Owners: Jill Petersen (Norwich Terriers)
Q 826 LOLA LORNADOONE . SN25820807. 6/4/95. Brdr: Kenn Trout, GATOR PT MICK DUNDEE MH - GINGER ROOTBEER. Owners: Karen L. Snee (Retrievers, Labrador)
Q 827 Abenteuer V Bullinger. DN05114101. 11/16/99. Brdr: Tracy R Bullinger, Pele Von Oxsalis - Unka Von Bullinger. Owners: Nova Berkshires (German Shepherd Dogs)
Q 828 MACH 3 BARTHOLOMEW RAY VCD1 NAP NJP. . 3/17/96. Brdr: Unkown, POPPY XXX - NIKKY BABA. Owners: Carla McAlister (Dachshunds(Smooth))
Q 829 CH KREUZRITTERS TOUCH THE FLAME. RN05305601. 7/4/03. Brdr: Elizabeth Sandford,James G Burrows Jr,Barbra O'Dell, CH KREUZRITTERS FIRE FOR EFFECT - STARFIRES NO FOOLIN BURMACK. Owners: Lisa Nonog (Manchester Terriers(Standard))
Q 830 Bayviews Ramblin Rose CD, NAJ, NA, JH. SN23495707. 3/1/95. Brdr: Richard Little,David Little, Donalbain Valentino - Bayviews Bailey Wick. Owners: Carole Jensen (Retrievers, Labrador)
Q 831 Xoe Von Grunheide CD. DN03024106. 3/31/03. Brdr: Suzanne Eviston, Cento Z Pohranicni Straze - Lucy Von Grunheide. Owners: Freda Sprietsma,William Sprietsma (German Shepherd Dogs)
  832 ELWHA JD JYE. RN04547603. 2/14/04. Brdr: Charlotte Metzler, CH KOBOLD'S ROAD WARRIOR - CH OTLEY'S ELWHA LITTLE DICKENS. Owners: Jean Rassbach (Border Terriers)
Q 833 Mystic Sky Diamond O'Casey. SR15404404. 2/18/04. Brdr: Nancy Wiley, Aus Gr CH Yehudi of Currabell - CH Hooligan's Fair Hibernia CD SH. Owners: Lorece Newton-Moore (Spaniels, Irish Water)
  834 PACIFICGOLD MISTYMOCHA PARFAIT CDX. SN75317101. 11/9/99. Brdr: Carol Morrison, CH RUSH HILL'S HAAGEN DAZS CDX JH OAJ AX - CH CHRYSOS TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS. Owners: Delores Watts,Louis Watts,Carol Morrison (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 835 CH Deja Vu Outfielder CD. DL77777010. 10/26/98. Brdr: Terry Miller, CH Deja Vu In Like Flynn - Deja Vu It's My Party. Owners: Tracy Thorleifson (Briards)
Q 836 Oryan's Rockin' Moon Star UDX TD SH OAP OJP. SN33734403. 4/14/96. Brdr: Caroline McCormick, Alderbrooke's Rock O'Gold - Alderbrooke Oryan Paper Moon. Owners: Dale Worthington (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 837 CH Markay's Golden Masterpiece CD PT. DL61184002. 11/18/95. Brdr: Marion Lawliss, CH Colebraes Starman - Markay's Golden Rose. Owners: Marion Lawliss,Kathryn Lawliss (Collies(Smooth))
Q 839 CH STARGAZER'S ASTRUD ISABELLA. WS00205404. 11/23/01. Brdr: Sandra Overton, CH SUNNYHILL LOOKOUT STORMWATCH - CH STARGAZER'S BEWITCHED. Owners: Amanda Ford,Sandra Overton (Portuguese Water Dogs)
Q 840 Mach 2 Jake. . 5/1/94. Brdr: unk, unk - unk . Owners: Dawn Jecs (American Eskimo Dogs)
Q 841 Gracie's Grace Baby. . 7/30/98. Brdr: Unknown, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Kathryn Kritta,Marcia Peters (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 842 ARETE'S FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK . SN34256901. 4/4/96. Brdr: Denise Roteman,Andrew Roteman, TIJAC TRUMPET JEREMY FISHER JH - OAK BREEZE ARETES HAT-TRICK CDX. Owners: Delores Watts,Louis Watts (Retrievers, Golden)
Q 843 CH DEJA VU MM MM GOOD BIJOU, CD, HXCS, OAP, OJP. DL65130603. 7/31/98. Brdr: Terry Miller, CH DEJA VU AIGNER FOR PETE'S SAKE - CH DEJA VU FOUR LEAF CLOVER. Owners: Carol Wolfram,Terry Miller (Briards)
A 844 EBNET'S TRANGO TOWERS MAZAMA. WR01712701. 3/8/01. Brdr: Lisa Ebnet,Sean Ebnet, CH EUR-AM'S ENOUGH ALREADY CD NA - CH EBNET'S JOY. Owners: Ruth Nielsen,Lisa Beaudreau,Lisa Ebnet (Bernese Mountain Dogs)
  845 TOPAZ CODY MASTER. SN62568908. 1/28/99. Brdr: Donna Henderson,Wally Henderson, REBEL'S MAXIMUM OUTPUT - ROSEBUD XXX. Owners: Helen Loesch (Retrievers, Labrador)
Q 846 HAWKE VOM MORITZ BERGBURG. WS03669501. 3/14/03. Brdr: Anna Nichols, CH HIGHLANDERS KHAN-FRONTATION - DIEDRE VOM MORTIZBERG. Owners: Barbara Reed - Stamps (Rottweilers)
100/4 847 Country-Ways Redhead. DN01116101. 3/5/02. Brdr: Kim Buffum,Bambi L Douwes, Stencil Me Montana Dust - Country-Way's Daydreaming. Owners: Kim Buffum (Australian Shepherds)
Q 848 Wittrock's Remington. WP75867602. 1/21/97. Brdr: Bonnie L Wittrock, CH Chalmar's The Big Red One - Wittrock's Fire Hazard. Owners: Peter Higgins (Doberman Pinschers)
Q 849 SALIFORTH COUNTRY GIRL IN PARIS CDX. SN48852903. 10/2/97. Brdr: Faye Weiler, CH SALIFORTH DARBY DAN - CH EIRECREST CLASSY CHASSIS. Owners: Susan E van Dyke,Faye Weiler (Setters, Irish)
Q 850 GREENRIDGE GREGORY OF EVANZ NA OAJ CD NA. PP40345301. 9/22/93. Brdr: Marilyn Pauley, EVANZ C THRE PO - EVANZ BLEU DAYTE. Owners: Nancy P. Griffin (Poodles(Toy))
Q 851 CH MARKAYS ROYAL GOLD PT. DL89109201. 10/6/01. Brdr: Marion Lawliss,Kathryn Lawliss, CH Larchmonts Drk Town Strutter - CH Markays Autumn Delight. Owners: Marion Lawliss,Kathryn Lawliss (Collies(Smooth))
Q 852 AILZA DU DANTERO CD NAP. DL61546501. 1/23/96. Brdr: Kadi J. Thingvall, HENZO DE LA AILZALLERIE - ISIS DU DANTERO. Owners: Nancy Hansen (Belgian Malinois)
Q 853 R-JOY'S DINAH. TN34373101. 10/7/95. Brdr: Joyce A. Weber, CH CHATEAU ACRES SHORT CIRCUIT - CH CHATEAU ACRES CAPEZIO. Owners: Joyce A. Weber (Miniature Pinschers)
Q 854 CH WILDROSE SUCH SWEET SECRETS. SN29317305. 11/8/95. Brdr: C Marley Crook, D Anderson, CH SALIFORTH DARBY DAN - KIMARIE ASPENROSE BORNTOBWLD. Owners: Susan E. Van Dyke,Christy Marley (Setters, Irish)
Q 855 VALOR'S FOR LOVE OF THE GAME. SN81175603. 2/20/01. Brdr: Bill Thornberry,Barbara Thornberry, RUSH HILL'S WATZ COOK'N GOOD LOOK'N - SUNSHINE'S HELL'PS ON THE WAY. Owners: Connie Tamura (Retrievers, Golden)
100/3 856 Braemars Murphy Brown VCD1 UD OA. DL60230703. 8/2/95. Brdr: Linda Knapp, Torys Little Ricco - Natasha Rae. Owners: Lynne Butler (Shetland Sheepdogs)
Q 857 HALLIE. . 8/7/00. Brdr: Unknown, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Dee Dee Murry (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
Q 858 GLENWAL'S O CRICKETSONG. NM73308003. 5/20/97. Brdr: Glenna Kuehn, Walter Huehn, CH GLENWAL'S EV-R RED-Y - GLENWAL'S GYPSY ROSE LEE. Owners: Donna Sand,Christopher Sand (Tibetan Spaniels)
  859 ORYAN'S JUST YOU'N ME. SN90384501. 3/28/02. Brdr: Caroline McCormick, CH WINDRIFT JUST MY STYLE CD - BECKWITH'S HEART'S DESIRE. Owners: Barbara Brodsky (Retrievers, Golden)
A 860 AMETHYST'S SURPRISING ANDREW. SR06367202. 3/12/03. Brdr: Margaret G. Davalt,Gregory S. Davalt, Shojin's Somewhere in Time - CH Clansmen 'N Amethyst Hi Ground. Owners: Roger McKee,Jacqueline McKeeAgent: Karin McKee (Setters, Gordon)
Q 861 Shadowlands' Earth Wind and Fire. SN59844402. 12/16/98. Brdr: Joanne R Johnson,Robert L Johnson, CH Nawasa Sunshine's Star Chaser - Sanseeker's Sugar Babe. Owners: Chuck Venemon,Peggie Venemon (Retrievers, Golden)
Rally Advanced A - 16" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
71/3 710 SEBASTIAN DE ST. SACREMENT. DL91725704. 8/4/01. Brdr: Anne Sharpe, Irun - Lexis Bleve De St. Sacrement. Owners: Sue Lewis,Doug Lewis (Beauceron)
83/2 901 WINDYCANYONS DARK RANGER CD RN. SR12777403. 11/28/03. Brdr: Anne Swindeman, CH SkyFire's Oughta Be A Law Cd Jh - WindyCanyon's Ima Pink Lady Cdx Sh Oa Oaj. Owners: Mark Levine (Retrievers, Labrador)
89/1 902 MACH WINDSTAR RAINIER TANGO. SN24481201. 4/17/95. Brdr: Lynn Dowall, OTCH STARDUST RAINIER ROCKY - OTCH WILDWIND KEEPIN IN SUSPENSE. Owners: Andrea Vaughan,Earl Vaughan (Retrievers, Golden)
Rally Advanced B - 8" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
Q 838 BEEMER VCD1, TDX, AXP, OJP. . 7/25/96. Brdr: Shirley Arnold, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Carla McAlister (Dachshunds(Smooth))
Q 921 TYNESIDE COMBRI CHON JYE UD RN NA NAJ NP NJP ME. RM16067402. 11/30/95. Brdr: Yvonne Sheldon,Richard Sheldon,Jane Worstell, CH HOLLYBRIDGE RAFFLES UD TD AX JE - PONTBECK LADY CHARLOTTE. Owners: Jean Rassbach (Border Terriers)
A 922 FC CT Owl Farms Rising Star UD RN MX MXJ ME AJP. HM51370702. 4/12/94. Brdr: Jackie Nicholas, CH Fandl's Bashful Sam CDX - Owl Farms Sly Star UDX. Owners: Betsy Fortman (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
96/2 924 LOTHLORIEN'S PIPER COMANCHE CD AX OAJ ME. RM22985503. 12/18/97. Brdr: Joann Frier-Murza, CH Hollybridge Raffles Udtdaxje - CH Jansim Lothlorien Tangle Cdme. Owners: Lia Bijsterveld (Border Terriers)
Rally Advanced B - 12" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
Q 929 CH MACH CEILI'S CALYPSO CDX RN. RM20157102. 3/6/97. Brdr: Beth Sorenson,Marjorie Shoemaker, CH DOUBLOON'S GANGSTER - CH WATERFORD JUST A SECOND CDX OA OAJ. Owners: Elizabeth Sorenson (Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers)
Q 930 Sir Toby L. Coaltrain CD. . 1/1/02. Brdr: Unknown, Unknown - Unknown. Owners: Richard Pace,Betty Pace (Miniature Schnauzers)
Rally Advanced B - 16" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
Q 931 Stonybrook of Mallard Lake CD. SN77528602. 10/10/00. Brdr: Fazio Liberato, Sundance of Mallard Lake - Mallardlake's Bluewater-Gypsy. Owners: Marsha Skewis (Retrievers, Labrador)
96/1 932 FC AFC REGEN'S RIP TIDE CDX TD OA OAJ RN. SN91227605. 5/10/02. Brdr: Judi Voris,Shirley Nilsson, Anne TYson, FC AFC NORTHERN LIGHTS THIS BUDS FOR U - DC AFC REGEN'S SUMMER BLAZE MH VCD3. Owners: Shirley Nilsson,Judy Voris,Anne Tyson (Weimaraners)
Q 933 CONTESSA EKKO VOM KRAFTWERK CD RN. DL83310602. 3/30/00. Brdr: Wayne Curry, AIK VOM ADELMANNSFELDER LAND - BABSI VOM HAUS VORTKAMP. Owners: John Macquarrie,Tonya Macquarrie (German Shepherd Dogs)
Q 934 MR. LUCKY B. LYTTLE CDX,NA,OJP,OAP. WP97852501. 10/14/96. Brdr: Craig McCracken, GLAFKO DU CLOS DU NORD - HESS DE SIRIUS. Owners: Terry Lyttle,J'Anna Lyttle (Beaucerons)
Q 935 REGEN'S STATE OF THE ART CD TD RA. SR11699802. 9/27/03. Brdr: Judi Voris,Shirley Nilsson, DC VON WEINER'S WITHHELD CDX MH - DC AFC REGEN'S SUMMER BLAZE MH,VCD3. Owners: Shirley Nilsson,Judi Voris (Weimaraners)
94/3 936 CH PEPPERHAUS XENA V STONERIDGE CD RN PT. WR01850407. 1/8/01. Brdr: Ron Overgaard,Sandy Overgaard, PEPPERHAUS PACKS A PUNCH UD PT - CH DOLLI VOM ZEPHRYHAUS. Owners: Cheri L Hagen (Rottweilers)
94/4 937 CH BIJOU SPUR OF THE MOMENT, CD, OAJ, NA, RN. DL87514703. 3/24/01. Brdr: Carol Wolfram,Terry Miller, CH DEJA VU LETHAL WEAPON PT - CH DEJA VU MM MM GOOD BIJOU, CD, HXCS, OAP, OJP. Owners: Carol Wolfram (Briards)
  938 CH MARKAY'S AUTUMN DELIGHT RN. DL61184003. 11/18/95. Brdr: Marion Lawliss, CH Colebraes Starman - Markay's Golden Rose. Owners: Marion Lawliss,Kathryn Lawliss (Collies(Smooth))
Rally Excellent B - 8" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
Q 923 CH STIRLING'S CASINO ROYALE JE, CD, RN. RM19481002. 12/2/96. Brdr: Donna M. Schier, CH STANDISH'S KISSEN BANDIT - CH LNDI'S LADY OF THE LAKE. Owners: Donna Schier (Border Terriers)
94/4 925 TRENGATE'S LUCYDA LINDA CD PT NA NAJ RN. DL88250301. 3/31/01. Brdr: Sylvia Lueck#DVM, CH TRENGATE RANGE ROVER - KENDELEE'S DAYDREAMS. Owners: Debbie Addicoat,Trish Rohner (Welsh Corgis(Pembroke))
  926 DC BEVARTS SPIRIT'D PRISCILLA CD TD AX AXJ JE. HM79201705. 8/1/98. Brdr: B Morgan,A Morgan,D McCormack, DC D and D Sierra Spirit V Shoney CD JE - CH Bevart Copper Penny V Bluebonnet SE. Owners: Betsy Fortman (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
97/3 951 FC CT Owl Farms Rising Star UD RN MX MXJ ME AJP. HM51370702. 4/12/94. Brdr: Jackie Nicholas, CH Fandl's Bashful Sam CDX - Owl Farms Sly Star UDX. Owners: Betsy Fortman (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
Rally Excellent B - 12" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
97/2 928 JILZAN TARA ARROW UDX SC AX AXJ. HM62732101. 1/27/96. Brdr: Jill Baum, CH MERCI ISLE DEEP WOODS - ONE O'CLOCK MISTY ROSE. Owners: Patricia Younger (Whippets)
Rally Excellent B - 16" Jump Height   Judge:
Arine, Mrs. Barbara
98/1 952 REGEN'S STATE OF THE ART CD TD RA. SR11699802. 9/27/03. Brdr: Judi Voris,Shirley Nilsson, DC VON WEINER'S WITHHELD CDX MH - DC AFC REGEN'S SUMMER BLAZE MH,VCD3. Owners: Shirley Nilsson,Judi Voris (Weimaraners)