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Jul 20, 2024
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TACOMA KENNEL CLUB - Conf/Obedience 6/10/12
Sunday, Jun 10th 2012


Novice Junior Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
3 7 FAIRYTAILS SWEET AND LOW. HP41561804. 9/15/11. Brdr: Pat McNaul, Jeannie Aitken, GCH SHOWTIMES SHOCK AND AWE - GCH FAIRYTAILS ITS ALL ABOUT ME. Owners: Susan SunstrumAgent: Nelly Sunstrum (Basset Hounds)
1 9 FULL CIRCLE HAT TRICK BN JE. rn19616604. 9/8/09. Brdr: Karen Raduziner, Tina Goehrs, CH RED ROCK THE MAD HATTER - CH RED ROCK PRIMA BLANCA. Owners: Michelle ChristensenAgent: Bruno Christensen (Parson Russell Terriers)
2 11 HOLLYBURNRIDGE KUWINDA OF COSO. HP40340102. 9/12/10. Brdr: Claudia Dow, GCH HPK TROPACO TROYAN ARGOS OF COSO JC - CH KUWINDA'S HOLLYBURN RIDGE. Owners: Julius Pataki,Kirsi Larjava,Lance Poehlke,Debra JordisonAgent: Bianca Pataki (Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
Novice Intermediate Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
3 8 FLAMING GEYSER'S HIDE N SEEK. TR61909801. 2/20/07. Brdr: Shannon Harris, EMERALD EAST RIOT OF FLAMING GEYSER - FLAMING GEYSER'S FULL OF FIZZ. Owners: Makayla WilburAgent: Haylee Wilbur (Havanese)
2 13 DEERUN'S PANDORA. WS27155802. 6/10/08. Brdr: Dee Robison, Russ Robison, CH CAMBRIA'S THE CAPTAIN - CH DEERUN'S SOMETHING SPECIAL. Owners: Dee Robison,Russ RobisonAgent: Gabe Silva (Doberman Pinschers)
1 14 JOSIES BLUE MOON BEAUTY ANNABELLE. TS01891802. 1/8/11. Brdr: Josie And Kelly Cook, CHRISTA'S JUMPY CLOWN SNOOPY - STERLING BELA OF LOVING ACRES. Owners: Josie Cook,Kelly Cook,Marina Ramirez,Katina RamirezAgent: Marina Ramirez (Havanese)
Novice Senior Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
1 15 COBURG HILLS THE STRENGTH WITHIN. WS38657602. 3/9/11. Brdr: Angela & Michelle Merfeld, COBURG HILLS DRIVEN TO EXCESS - COBURG HILLS YOU FOUND ME. Owners: Nicole BuellAgent: Nicole J Buell (Bernese Mountain Dogs)
Open Junior Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
3 5 SUNKIST SMARTY BRITCHES. RN20991503. 7/14/10. Brdr: Harriet Haydon, CH SUNKIST SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL RA OA AXJ ME - SUNKIST SERENDIPITY JE. Owners: Reagan Christensen,Harriet HaydonAgent: Reagan Christensen (Border Terriers)
1 18 DC PLATINUM AND NELSON AT TAJI JC SC MC. HP08864802. 1/18/04. Brdr: MK Quinnett, KT Campbell, J Young, CH BORDEAUX AFRICAN JUMOKE SC - TAJI'S CHANGA PLATINUM QUEUE. Owners: Larry Nelson,Deborah Nelson,Mary K QuinnettAgent: Amiah U Nelson (Basenjis)
  19 CH CORRAL WEST ATTITUDE WITH JUICE. DN11955201. 8/3/05. Brdr: Sherry Toft-Mayo,Stacie Toft, CH KUAWARRI N CWEST SPECTACULAR - CH CORRAL WEST MORE THAN A WIN. Owners: Sara-Jo Gahm,Sherry Toft-MayoAgent: Eli Connolly (Australian Cattle Dogs)
4 20 CH RAGTIME TATRIN'S NW GHOST STORY. SR62855902. 5/1/10. Brdr: Susan Peterson, ASHBROOK POLTERGEIST - CH RAGTIME FLOWER DRUM SONG. Owners: Melissa OlivasAgent: Triniti Olivas (Spaniels, English Cocker)
2 21 ASHBROOK POLTERGEIST. SR52146301. 7/28/08. Brdr: Tracey Deyette, CH WHITFIELD BLUVU'S SILVER N GOLD - CH ASHBROOK BLUEPRINT TRI N' CATCH ME. Owners: Melissa OlivasAgent: Tatum Olivas (Spaniels, English Cocker)
Open Intermediate Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
A 12 VERMILION'S ABSOLUTELY BETWIXED. SR66779606. 1/30/11. Brdr: Penny Uber,Kathy Koebensky-Como, VERMILION'S HYLAND RANGER JH - CH JAVAHILL'S VERMILION LUCKY LYRA CD RA JH. Owners: Loretta Wilson,Lauren WilsonAgent: Lauren Wilson (Retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling )
  22 CH SWEET CARMEL GOLDEN "FREESIA". . 4/8/11. Brdr: Cci, PAXTON III - WYLA II. Owners: Spencer FeeAgent: Spencer Fee (Retrievers, Labrador)
  23 MOONSTAR'S MIDKNIGHT ECLIPSE. WS26917304. 5/21/08. Brdr: Kathleen R Buckner, Sakura Moses, CH SANCHA'S VINTAGE WHITE WHINE - CH ASGARD IT'S WRITTEN IN THE STARS. Owners: Tatiana Moses,Shyanne LarsonAgent: Shyanne Larsen (Samoyeds)
A 24 GCH NEW FRONTIER AT MERIGLEN. RN16778902. 12/4/07. Brdr: Mary Wilson, CH CLOSSONGREY GOTTA DANCE - CH MY BONNIE CALLIE AT JOLLYGAZE. Owners: Janice Judge,Mary WilsonAgent: Amy Judge (Dandie Dinmont Terriers)
  25 TOSHAY'S MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. DN28579005. 6/26/10. Brdr: Denise Waiting, CH COEDWIG'S MALACHITE PT - CH TOSHAY'S FIREFLY. Owners: Nicki ShortAgent: Nicki Short (Cardigan Welsh Corgis)
  26 GCH LUNA'S ALL THAT JAZZ. TR78763401. 6/28/08. Brdr: Cathy Moore,Kim Taylor, CH LUNA'S BIG KAHUNA - SURE SWEET CRUISIN' CATHY. Owners: Katelynn EdgecombeAgent: Katelynn Edgecombe (Pugs)
4 27 PACIFICGOLD'S DISTINCTIVE CODE. SR52792602. 12/4/07. Brdr: Carol Morrison, CH COLORBOOK'S NOTHING LIKE THE SUN - PACIFICGOLD'S CAUGHT U LOOKING. Owners: Lori Nobes,Carol MorrisonAgent: Olivia Nobes (Retrievers, Golden)
  29 CH ANDANEY'S WHITE CHOCLATE MOCHA. NP28780702. 3/31/11. Brdr: Mary Ann Gaffney,Ashley Hakkila, CH PADLOCK'S BIG HUNK - ANDANEY'S PEPPERMINT MOCHA. Owners: Mary Ann Gaffney,Shirley Rafferty,Corie HebertAgent: Corie Hebert (French Bulldogs)
2 31 POOLE'S IDE AMERICAN IDOL. SR67745504. 3/2/11. Brdr: Colleen McDaniel, Stacy J. Duncan, Gregory Siner, CH POOLE'S IDE WHO'D A THOUGHT IT - CH WHISTLE STOP'S THE WIND MORIAH CD RA JH. Owners: Colleen McDaniel,Stacy Duncan,Loren RossAgent: Loren Ross (Spaniels, Irish Water)
1 32 Ch MAX WELL'S THUNDER BOOM. RN15875402. 1/23/08. Brdr: Barbara Miller, CH MAX-WELL'S COOLWATER - CH MAX-WELL'S TORRENT. Owners: Milla Larjava,Kirsi Larjava,Barbara MillerAgent: Milla Larjava (Norfolk Terriers)
  33 GCH HPK TROPACO TROYAN ARGOS OF COSO JC. HP17914901. 10/2/05. Brdr: Helen Hayek,David Hayek, CH JUBALEE'S LONESTAR OVER KEI RIVER JC - CH TROPACO ECCO DOMANI OF HPK JC. Owners: Kirsi Larjava,Lance Poehlke,Debra JordisonAgent: Nelli Larjava (Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
  34 MYDAN'D ADELAIDE RAINDANCE. RN20156305. 1/26/10. Brdr: Cathi-Tower Chriscaden,Betty-Anne Stenmark,Sandra Petari Hickson, CH CLOSSENGREY GOTTA DANCE - GCH KING'S MTN. ALICE SPRINGS. Owners: Cathi Tower-Chriscdden,Cf ,Marlene Agent: Cassidy Furlong (Dandie Dinmont Terriers)
  35 CH ALPENSPIRIT WHO'S ON FIRST. WS21655401. 9/22/06. Brdr: Mylene Turbide, CH ANASTASIA SUMMERS IN DILLON - ALPENSPIRIT DARK FANTASY. Owners: Anne Summers,Greg Summer,Lauren WeberAgent: Lauren Weber (Bernese Mountain Dogs)
  36 WELLSHIRE LUCKY BUCK. DN17078705. 2/4/07. Brdr: Paula Weller, Eric Weller, CH BOOKTER'S LUCKY CALL - CH SISTERWOOD SUEDE'S SUNBURST. Owners: Caroleve AxtelleAgent: Caroleve Axtelle (Cardigan Welsh Corgis)
  37 KING'S RANSOM FOR THE JESTER. RN19688602. 8/13/09. Brdr: Sharon Holden, Joyce M Berk, Carol Dawson, CH VERSAILLES OF CELTIC ODYSSEY - CH ROBRACS NICKEL AND DIME. Owners: Tracy LeBel,Sharon Holden,Joyce M. BerkAgent: Sophia LeBel (Bedlington Terriers)
A 38 NIPNTUCK SHAKE YOUR STUFF. SR55828209. 3/17/09. Brdr: Rebecca Gorton Jack, GCH NIPNTUCK STOCKING STUFFER - NIPNTUCK SHAKE IT UP. Owners: Kathleen Gibson,Harper KlusmanAgent: Harper Klusman (Retrievers, Labrador)
3 39 GCH MCVAN'S SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY. RN19089502. 6/2/09. Brdr: Vandra Huber, Michael Krolewski, CH LAND ROSE R. JP ALL RIGHT - CH MCVAN'S FIRE STARTER. Owners: Vandra Huber,Amy JudgeAgent: Amy Judge (Scottish Terriers)
  40 RUSH HILL'S BIG MAN IN TOWN. SR61067702. 9/12/09. Brdr: Jan Draper,Tonya Struble, GCH GAIA OF YOSHIDA ENTERPRISE - CH RUSHHILL CARRERA DARE TO STARE. Owners: Kristi Clark,Kawai NahoopiiAgent: Kawai Nahoopii (Retrievers, Golden)
  41 SCIANE'S GIZMOS AND . . 1/26/06. Brdr: UNK, UNK - UNK. Owners: Diane MunfordAgent: Robert Munford (Papillons)
Open Senior Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
3 43 ELLE EST LA VIE. PR08781308. 7/11/06. Brdr: Kristina Worley, OCEANS CLAUDE VAN SANDS - C'EST LA VIE PRANCING TRIXIE. Owners: Robin Huested,Lindsay GorderAgent: Lindsay Gorder (Poodles(Standard))
  44 WYNSET FIREBRAND RA. DN08218101. 9/14/04. Brdr: Gary Whitmore,Dawn Pecora, CH KENSIL'S PLAYING WITH MATCHES - FIRST LIGHT WYNSET ARISE. Owners: Haley Pemble,Bonnie PembleAgent: Haley Pemble (Shetland Sheepdogs)
  45 CH TIMBERSIDE VINE MAPLE. DN18536006. 6/19/07. Brdr: K. Knuteson, M. Earle, CH ABERLEE BRANSBY - WESTBOURNE CRACKLIN ROSIE. Owners: Carrie Hale,Heather Haynes,Nicole SorensenAgent: Nicole M. Sorensen (Pembroke Welsh Corgis)
  46 JENAN'S MAXED OUT ON CANDY. TS10458301. 11/14/11. Brdr: Nancy C Smith, Terri L. Harle, JENAN'S MAX-A- MILLION - CH HARLE'S ROCK CANDY AT JENAN. Owners: Adair C. Pardi,Nancy C. SmithAgent: Addie Pardi (Yorkshire Terriers)
  47 GCH GUARDMAN'S BARB'ERIC MR. T RN BN. WS21565210. 4/9/07. Brdr: Larry Paul Occhipinti DVM, GUARDMAN'S ADVANCING TORNADO - GUARDMAN'S GALE ALERT. Owners: Eric F Long,Barbara E Long,Alexis CarterAgent: Alesxs Carter (Bullmastiffs)
  48 CH. MARINELLA'S BLACK MAGIC WOMAN. WS30273105. 5/27/09. Brdr: Kristle Marangon, David Marangon, Molly Exner, CH POUCH COVE'S MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO - CH POUCH COVE'S STRONG WILLED. Owners: Kristle Marangon,David Marangon,Natasha KramlichAgent: Hana Deiuri Marangon (Portuguese Water Dogs)
1 49 FOXTAIL'S HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW. HP40807703. 5/25/11. Brdr: Sheri Berndt-Smith, Darrell Smith, GCH DEL REY ROOSEVELT'S ROUGH RIDER - CH FOXTAIL'S SONG OF THE CHASE. Owners: Mike Kurtzner,Kalina BalcerAgent: Kalina Balcer (Beagles15")
  50 SERENADE'S IRISIZB'L STAR. WS39386406. 11/13/11. Brdr: K. Cannard, H. Weaver, C. Huestis, GCH PAMTONS SZABO VOM MEIN SCHATTEN - SERENADE'S MAGIC'L DREAMWEAVER RN. Owners: K. Cannard,H. Weaver,Jake FunkhouserAgent: Jake Funkhouser (Rottweilers)
  51 WINDCREST LOVE LETTERS. DN31431203. 6/6/11. Brdr: Susan Wendel, Lindsey Wendel, CH VONHAM BEDKAR GOLIATH OF OSOR - WINDCREST MERCEDES. Owners: Josie Cook,Kelly CookAgent: Josie Cook (German Shepherd Dogs)
  52 BRIAR ROSE BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY. DN30445101. 11/11/10. Brdr: Denese Oster Hames, Shannalee Michalsky, Anna Oster, CH CORTEO AT PARAY OF DON QUIXOTE - AKADIA I SHINE BRIGHTEST. Owners: Denese Oster Hames,Shannalee Michalsky,Anna OsterAgent: Alyssa Worl (Shetland Sheepdogs)
4 53 GCH Hunderbar Ditch Witch. HP29527305. 12/21/07. Brdr: Mary K. Freibert, DC Solo's Premiere SL - DC Hundeleben Homar Xcavatrix SL ME. Owners: Mary K. Freibert,Amber LeonardAgent: Amber Leonard (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
2 54 TIMBERWOOD'S SECRET PROMISE. DN20327104. 8/8/07. Brdr: Toni Viola Pearson,Laura Viola Pearson, JADECREEK TIMBERWOOD'S JACK - TIMBERWOOD'S SECRET SURPRISE. Owners: Anna Jane Pearson,Toni Viola Pearson,Laura V PearsonAgent: Anna Jane Pearson (Australian Shepherds)
  55 AUREALIS I AM WHIMSICAL. DN28446601. 12/16/09. Brdr: Deborah Falk, Maret Falk, Julianna Falk, MILAS AUREALIS LATIN SAMBA - CH TARTANSIDE BROCADE. Owners: Deborah Falk,Maret Falk,Julianna FalkAgent: Julianna Falk (Collies(Rough))
  56 NITERIDGE THE RUMORS ARE TRUE. DN23259701. 11/13/08. Brdr: Brenda Knight, Melody Knight, Sharon Lawler, CH KEEPSAKE BUILDER OF DREAMS - NITERIDGE'S CARRERA. Owners: Alexa AsselinAgent: Alexa Asselin (Collies(Smooth))
  58 LOCKSHIRE'S I AM THE REAL ROMEO SL. HP39037013. 10/24/10. Brdr: Kathleen Lockyer,Thomas Lockyer, GCH LOCKSHIRE'S REMBRANDT SL RN NAJ - CH NEUDORFS ALFA ROMEO. Owners: Sarah Pearce,Kathleen LockyerAgent: Sarah Pearce (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
Master Class   Judge:
Jeffrey Langevin
3 30 GCH CLUMON'S PARTY GIRL RN. SR51080903. 5/17/08. Brdr: Janice Scott, CH BREAKAWAY'S LET'S PARTY - CH JET SET'S MARGARITA UD RAE VER. Owners: Raina Moss,Janice ScottAgent: Raina L. Moss (Spaniels, Clumber)
2 42 CH ELWHA'S ALL WHEEL DRIVE. RN17125004. 9/7/08. Brdr: Charlotte Metzler, CH SUNKIST KISSEN' RUN RE NAJ - CH KENSWITH-ELWHA CANADIAN BRASS SE. Owners: Caleb CampbellAgent: Caleb W Campbell (Border Terriers)
1/BJH 59 CH VALOR'S JACK OF ALL TRADES AT TRISTAR CD RE JH. SR52425903. 9/3/08. Brdr: William Thornberry, Barbara Thornberry, CH CHUCKANUTS CAPTAIN KANGAROO - CH WISHKEEPER GOOD DAY SUNSHINE. Owners: Sharmin Dominke,Megan HonariAgent: Megan Honari (Retrievers, Golden)
A 60 VALIVIEW'S PUTTIN ON THE RITZ. SR25053001. 2/13/05. Brdr: Jo Simpson, Jared Smith, Caleb Smith, CH GOODTIMES ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - VALIVIEW'S LIL GOLD CORVET. Owners: Jo Simpson,Christian RuttenAgent: Christian Rutten (Retrievers, Golden)