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Nov 29, 2023
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PS Pomeranian Club CONF/OBED 8/19/11
Friday, Aug 19th 2011


Friday Judge:
Don Rogers
Pomeranians, Puppy Dogs 9 Mos. & Under 12 Mos.    
1/R/BP 5 RuffRydn' Son of Anarchy. TS02292001. 9/12/10. Brdr: Vicky Roarke & Steve Roarke, CH Evensong's Win N For Z Gipper - RuffRydn Theres No Place Like Chrome. Owners: Vicky Roarke,Steve RoarkeAgent: Lori Solomon AKC Registered Handler
Pomeranians, Bred by Exhibitor Dogs    
A 7 SUNGOLD MIGHTY MOUSE. TR99826301. 10/14/10. Brdr: Dani M Davis, SUNGOLD'S NICK - SUNGOLD WONDERFUL DECEPTION. Owners: Dani M Davis
2 9 Two T's Ezee Ryder. TR92376901. 8/1/09. Brdr: Norman Neal Trosino, Dorothy M Trosino, Ch. Two T's Tuff Tyler - Two T's Grand Emmy Luv. Owners: Norman Neal Trosino,Dorothy M Trosino
  11 Evensong's Over The River. TS01776201. 10/7/10. Brdr: Teresa G White & Lori Ann Solomon, CH Evensong's Win N For Z Gipper - Ruffrydn' Biker Bunny. Owners: Teresa G White
4 13 MAI RYMS DONTCHA DIGME. TR60236101. 9/10/06. Brdr: Shelley Weimer Martin, BI MARS BANDITO - APOLLOETTE N RYMS W GREAT IDEA. Owners: Russ Martin,Shelley Wiemer Martin,Susan Plouff
1 15 FUJITSU'S ROCKET MAN. TR95734101. 4/6/10. Brdr: Diane Zech, RANDY'S TURN-N UP THE HEAT 4 FUJTISU - FUJITSU'S DRAGON EMPRESS. Owners: Diane Zech,Susan Plouff
3 17 Daystar Ksuda Major League. TR70475001. 7/24/07. Brdr: Karen Power, CH Ksuda's Major Expectation - Jan Shars Lives Happily Ever After. Owners: Karen Power
Pomeranians, American Bred Dogs    
1 19 RANDY'S TURN-N THE HEAT UP 4 FUJITSU. TR73569801. 12/24/07. Brdr: Randy Buske, CH FIREBROOK'S THE HEAT IS ON - APOLLETTE WIGGLES 4 RANDY. Owners: Diane Zech,Susan Plouff
Pomeranians, Open Dogs    
1/W/BW/B 21 POMRYTE MAIRYMS W CLOUD WALKER. tr65702401. 5/17/07. Brdr: Verda Wright, Pomryt's Tequila Sunrise - Pomryt's Lillee of the Vallee. Owners: L Plouff,V Wright,S Plouff
4 23 Valcopy Husky Fever. TR95370901. 1/4/10. Brdr: Dana L. Plonkey , J. Paris, GCH Valcopy Jamel Lets Rumble - Valcopy Dance With Me ll. Owners: Dana L Plonkey
  25 Gemini's Burn Baby Burn. TR88170501. 1/18/09. Brdr: Patricia Inman,Brent Inman, Jan Shars A Real Barn Burner - RuffRydn Favrt Color Is Chrome. Owners: Connie Brenner,Patricia Inman,Brent Inman
  27 RODI'S RAIN BEAU'S SKYLER WOW. TR91698801. 9/10/09. Brdr: Diana M Solano, Rain Beau's N Dreamkatcher's Kohle - Rodi's CR Top Model. Owners: Diana M Solano,Jean E Cook,Terry Rothell
1 29 VINTAGE N RAINBEAU JOHNNY WALKER BLK. TR95545801. 2/2/10. Brdr: Ellen Takayama, CH APOLLOETTE FORTUNE HUNTER - WINDSOR'S VINTAGE CHARDONNAY. Owners: Jordan Rothell,Ellen Takayama,Jean E Cook
3 31 ROCKIN' ROBIN DAMATA JIGGER O'SCOTCH. TR88531601. 4/8/09. Brdr: Robin Reiman, CH EBONYSANDS ARNETTE DBL SHOT - ROCKIN ' ROBIN'S DANNYLAD DIMI. Owners: Darlys Flaata,Geri Arnold
2 33 Sunterra Stand N Deliver. . 11/17/10. Brdr: Douglas Stratton, Ch. Pomhaven's Edg Of A Dream - Sunterra Smoke'n Hot. Owners: Douglas Stratton
  35 GEMINI'S A SNOBALL'S CHANCE. TR72010301. 1/14/08. Brdr: Patricia and Brent Inman, CH Gemini's Rockn One Nite Stand - Gemini's Snoball Effect. Owners: Patricia Inman,Brent InmanAgent: Celeste Solano
Pomeranians, Puppy Bitches 6 Mos. & Under 9 Mos.    
1 6 VALCOPY STAR SHINE. TS02167601. 12/1/10. Brdr: Dana L Plonkey,Judy Paris, CH JAN-SHARS YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME - VALCOPY STAR QUALITY. Owners: Janell Reich,Dana L Plonkey
2 8 GAYELS SWEET PERSUASION. TS03827202. 1/2/11. Brdr: Gale A Rivers, CH CR TUFF GUY OF ISABELLA - GAYELS MISS DIOR. Owners: Sharon McNutt
Pomeranians, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos. & Under 12 Mos.    
1 10 Daystar Precocious. TS03474201. 11/19/10. Brdr: Karen Power, CH Pomhaven's Tommy Hilfiger - Daystar Penny for your Thoughts. Owners: Karen Power
Pomeranians, Bitches 12 Mos. & Under 18 Mos.    
1 12 FUJITSU'S RED HOT SUMOMO. TR99201601. 6/9/10. Brdr: Cynthia Sickler, LIL DARLIN'S SMOKEY JOE - REDHOTS BLUSHING VIOLET. Owners: Diane Zech,Susan Plouff
Pomeranians, Bred by Exhibitor Bitches    
2 14 Two T's Luvin' Glow. TS03439201. 1/30/11. Brdr: Dorothy M Trosino, Norman Neal Trosino, Ch. Two T's Tuff Tyler - Two T's Grand Emmy Luv. Owners: Dorothy M Trosino,Norman Neal Trosino
3 16 RANDY YKNOT ENJOY A WYNTER MYSTERY. TS03681001. 12/22/10. Brdr: Randy Buske,Beverly Allen, CH APHROSITES TO PO GIGO - RANDY'S MAGGIE MAY. Owners: Randy Buske,Beverly AllenAgent: Randy Buske
1/W/BBBE/OS 18 CR DREAM HOUSE BARBIE. TS03245803. 10/12/10. Brdr: Robert Solano, Celeste Solano, CH CR TUFF GUY OF ISABELLA - CR ISLAND'S PARTY GIRL. Owners: Robert Solano,Celeste Solano
4 20 FUJITSU N DEJAY'S FIRE N ICE. TR81897103. 11/3/08. Brdr: Donna Machniak,Dana Coventry,Oliver Zech,Diane Zech, CH FIREBROOK'S THE HEAT IS ON - SHOWTIME N DEJAYS DAQUIRE ICE. Owners: Donna Machniak,Diane Zech
Pomeranians, Open Bitches    
4 22 REDHOTS ANIMAL CRACKERS. TR99269701. 6/7/10. Brdr: Cynthia Sickler, Lil Darlins Smokey Joe - Redhots Love Godess. Owners: Terry Rothell,Lori Solomon
A 24 VALCOPY JAMEL HIDEKO. TR93922002. 12/26/09. Brdr: Judy Paris,Dana L Plonkey, GCH VALCOPY JAMEL LET'S RUMBLE - VALCOPY VALENTIA BAT. Owners: Janell Reich,Dana L Plonkey
1/R 26 BCPoms Chantilly Lace. TR97238901. 3/5/10. Brdr: Christy Murphy, BCPoms Fuzzimal Ewok Warrior - Rym W Better late Than Never @BCPoms. Owners: Christy Murphy
3 28 GnBC's This Fire Vixen Rocks. TR88504601. 5/20/09. Brdr: Christy Murphy & Patricia Inman, Jan-Shars A Real Barn Burner - Two T's This Girl Rox W GnBC. Owners: Christy MurphyAgent: Geri Arnold
2 30 RUFFRYDN' BIKER BUNNY. TR88850601. 3/11/09. Brdr: Vicky Roarke, Steve Roarke, RUFFRYDN' I'M YOUR ICE CREAM MAN - RUFFRYDN THERES NO PLACE LIKE CHROME. Owners: Teresa G White,Lori Solomon
1 32 GEMINI THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER BY GNRR . TR84174901. 11/14/08. Brdr: Patricia Inman, Vicky Roarke, JAN-SHARS A REAL BARN BURNER - POMRYTE'S GIN N TONIC. Owners: Patricia Inman
Pomeranians, Veteran Bitches 6 Yrs. & Older    
1 34 CH MAITAI'S SPECIAL GIFT. TP17108001. 2/23/01. Brdr: Susan Plouff & Michael Cariaso, DEL REY DO WACKA DO - MAITAI'S I-A HEIDI U-A CINDY. Owners: Susan Plouff
Pomeranians, Best of Breed Competition    
SEL/JAM 36 CH GAYELS DESTINY'S CHILD. TR34836101. 3/4/05. Brdr: Gale A. Rivers, CH GAYELS JON BON JOVI - CH GAYELS MS OAKLEY. Owners: Naimi GuentherAgent: Randy Gremmill (Bitch)
  37 CH SOFINE'S WHEELER DEALER. TR88413602. 6/10/09. Brdr: Mary Latimer, CH FOXWORTH FIVE CARD STUD - CH SOFINE'S LEGALLY BLONDE. Owners: Randy Buske,Geri Arnold (Dog)
A 39 CH RANDY'S OFF 2 SEE THE WIZARD. TR90138402. 8/10/09. Brdr: Randy Buske, CH WALK'N IN A WINNER WONDERLAND WOW - RANDY'S PAPER MONEY. Owners: Randy BuskeAgent: Randy Buske (Dog)
SEL 41 CH EVENSONG'S FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. TR68970502. 8/31/07. Brdr: Teresa G. White, Kevin M. White, CH EVENSONG'S WIN N FOR Z GIPPER - CH FINCH'S CHAR'S AMAZING GRACE. Owners: Teresa G White,Lori Cole,Lori SolomonAgent: Teresa G White (Dog)
  43 CH DAYSTAR POMRYTE'S COWBOY UP. TR59341203. 10/7/06. Brdr: Karen Power, Verda Wright, CH DAYSTAR COWBOYS AND INDIANS - POMRYT'S PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS. Owners: Lana Price (Dog)