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Sunday Rally Trial
Sunday, Jun 28th 2009


Rally Novice A   Judge:
Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
93/Q 601 SHALLAZAR'S HIGHHEEL BOOTS. DN14948303. 5/30/06. Brdr: Lynn Carter, CH SHALLAZAR'S TEN GALLON HAT - CREOLE'S SHALLAZAR'S TEGAN. Owners: Lisa M. Silvernale (Australian Cattle Dogs)
95/4 602 HALEY'S ANGWYN FRODO BAGGINS. DN06593603. 4/8/04. Brdr: Connie Sue Dionne, Catherine Minty, Carrie Hale, CH HALEY'S D'ARTAGNAN - CH HALEY CAMBRIA ANDROMEDA. Owners: Patricia Fox,James Fox (Pembroke Welsh Corgis)
  603 TERALEA'S MAN IN BLACK . . 3/9/08. Brdr: Myrna Keyser, AZTEX MARCH-ON FRENCH CONNECTION - AZTEX DRESSED IN RED SATIN . Owners: Dixie Keyser (Miniature Pinschers)
75/Q 604 CALIFORNIA WINESPANIEL SAL. SR22078902. 11/5/05. Brdr: Linda L Ford, KRASKEY'S GRAND RIO MACK TANK - CALIFORNIA ABRA-CA-DABRA. Owners: Michael Forman (Spaniels, American Water)
93/Q 605 PAGENTRY AVERY CD. . 4/10/04. Brdr: Lynda Harper, PAGENTRY LISTN TO THE MONEY TALK - PAGENTRY VIA THE GRAPE VINE. Owners: Kathleen Dwyer (Poodles(Standard))
  606 KELLCASTLE COQUILLE. HP26588404. 7/8/07. Brdr: Anne Spalding, CH WOLF TONE MIKE - CH KELLCASTLE HERMIONE GRANGER JC. Owners: Patricia Vetter,Marshall Brown (Irish Wolfhounds)
81/Q 607 Chace Catch Little Butterfly. . 8/30/06. Brdr: UNK, UNK - UNK. Owners: Ann M. Eggers (Papillons)
A 608 Caviar Layla . DN13172001. 1/3/06. Brdr: Elicia R Stevens, Caviar's Main Event - Caviar Madis The Golden Touch. Owners: Corrin Hamburg (Shetland Sheepdogs)
99/1 610 Commander Buddy Von Grunheide. DN12117106. 10/3/05. Brdr: Suzanne Eviston, Dyce Von Grunheide - Lucy Von Grunheide. Owners: Judy Ward (German Shepherd Dogs)
74/Q 611 JORDAN. . 10/17/05. Brdr: Joann Honcoop, UNKNOWN - UNKONWN. Owners: Lori Sprague (Retrievers, Labrador)
98/2 612 SHADOWLAND'S PAWS FOR APPLAUSE AT TRISTAR. SR52798003. 9/26/08. Brdr: JoAnne Johnson, Monica McGee, CH RUSH HILL RUN'N AMUCK AT ABELARD - CH RUSH HILL'S BORN FREE AT SHADOWLAND. Owners: Sharmin Dominke (Retrievers, Golden)
97/3 613 VALOR'S JACK OF ALL TRADES AT TRISTAR. SR52425903. 9/3/08. Brdr: William Thornberry, Barbar Thornberry, CH CHUCKANUTS CAPTAIN KANGAROO - WISHKEEPER GOOD DAY SUNSHINE. Owners: Sharmin Dominke (Retrievers, Golden)
91/Q 615 CH. ESSPECIAL OVER THE MOON. SR17544603. 6/8/04. Brdr: Monica Bowers,Robin Novack, CH TIFFANY'S YOU'VE BEEN WARNED - CH ESSPECIAL MOONLITE RENDEZVOUS. Owners: Kim Bullard,Monica Bowers (Spaniels, English Springer)
78/Q 616 CEDARWOODS BRIGHT IRISH EYES. SR48442804. 2/14/08. Brdr: Cedarwood Labrador Retrievers, WILCARES LEISURE SUIT LARRY - CEDARWOODS ALMOND ROCA DEVINE. Owners: Kelli Mayo,Hayli A. Mayo (Retrievers, Labrador)
Rally Novice B   Judge:
Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
96/4 702 BON DI SNOWFLOWER RUSH'D UP MT-INDEX. DN15951403. 9/21/06. Brdr: Bonni J Davis/Carmen Helgesen, CH BLACKFYRE FLY FIRST CLASS SNOWFLOWER - CH SNOWFLOWER WINTER BREEZ'N BYE CDX MX MXJ. Owners: Peggy L. Woolworth (Belgian Tervurens)
90/Q 704 Havenel Johnny Walker Red OA OAJ OAP AJP. PP55223907. 4/22/98. Brdr: Sandra S Gaalema, Majestic All That Jazz - Foxfire's Penelope. Owners: Barbara O'Donaughy (Poodles(Standard))
95/Q 705 CHARLTONS SAGE. SR24803301. 9/12/02. Brdr: Teresa Easton, CH VISIONS THE LIFE OF RILEY - CHARLTONS RICOCHET. Owners: Judy Tidball (Retrievers, Labrador)
81/Q 706 HIDDEN VALLEY BAXTER. HP18667407. 11/18/06. Brdr: Gregory L Pike, FERN MEADOW BRANDY - FERN MEADOW PENNY LUV. Owners: Elizaabeth A. Demko (Beagles15")
  711 Havenel Odysseus. PR05177301. 10/30/04. Brdr: Sandra S. Gaalema, Minarets Bandero Rojo - Havenel Katerina RN. Owners: Sandra S. Gaalema (Poodles(Standard))
89/Q 712 UNA. . 10/9/04. Brdr: Unk, UNK - UNK. Owners: Diana Hoyem (Border Collies)
97/3 713 WEATHERMANS SWEET ON CANDY. DN20577004. 1/21/08. Brdr: Gail Dickson, CH WEATHERMANS THE WIZARD CD OA OAJ - WEATHERMANS PIN UP GIRL. Owners: Graham Logen (Shetland Sheepdogs)
A 714 KATOBA'S EMERALD CLASSIC. WS21649601. 3/4/07. Brdr: Kathy Babbitt, Todd Babbitt, CH TIJAC'S CLASSIC TOPP MODEL - SUDAHR'S RAINDANCE . Owners: Kathy Babbitt (Doberman Pinschers)
86/Q 718 CH FANTAZSA'S CLASSIC CHENILLE. SR16453309. 4/27/04. Brdr: Pamela Hidaka, CH BON'S GOLDEN BOY K.O. JH - FANTAZSA'S COUNTRYSPORT. Owners: Pamela Hidaka (Vizslas)
88/Q 724 WINDGOLD EARTH FIRE AND RAYN OA AXJ. DN07133701. 4/19/04. Brdr: Jo Ann Mather, Gary Whitmore, CH WYNSET SEDUCED AT FIRST LIGHT - WYNSET ON SOLID GROUND CD RN MX MXJ. Owners: Jo Ann Mather,Gary Whitmore (Shetland Sheepdogs)
A 725 HANK THE TANK IV. SR29038002. 8/15/05. Brdr: Angel R Moore,Bret Moore, 007 GOLDEN JACKSON - LONG'S GIRL STAR. Owners: Elizabeth Soler,David Soler (Retrievers, Golden)
98/2 726 NEU-RODES THE LOVE BUG CS. WS11879701. 1/22/05. Brdr: T.Woodward,T.Bradley, CH TUBAC'S SIX FEET UNDER - NEU-RODES NOT JUST SMOKENMIRRORS. Owners: Thomas Woodward,Teresa Bradley (Rottweilers)
83/Q 727 NIGHTWIND DEFINITELY MAYBE. DN21865202. 6/27/08. Brdr: Gail O'Neal, Ch DEJA VU ANDANTINO - NIGHTWIND AND THE WINNER IS. Owners: Gail ONeal (Briards)
98 /1 728 NEU-RODES CHASE LIFE'S HILIGHTS. WS19156101. 9/26/06. Brdr: T, Woodward, T. Bradley, ZAMP VOM WOLFERT TURN SCHH3 - NEU-RODES NOT JUST SMOKENMIRRORS. Owners: Erika Butler,T. Woodward,T. Bradley (Rottweilers)
A 729 Platinum Nelson Sardonyx Lady. hp30591102. 6/12/08. Brdr: Larry Nelson/Mary K. Quinnett/Deborah L. Nelson, Ch Platinum's Adrenaline Rush - DC Platinum And Nelson At Taji, SC. Owners: Elaine Monzon,Mary K. Quinnett (Basenjis)
95/Q 731 BRITLYN'S MISS HOLLYWOOD. WS21455404. 3/17/07. Brdr: Raynetta Buchholz, CH DIAMONDS 'N JEMS - CH BRITLYN'S O'WENDY. Owners: Christine Brandt (Boxers)
Rally Advanced A   Judge:
Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
JUDG 801 REGINA. RN06196305. 9/1/04. Brdr: Darwin Hoogendorn, DAR'S SHANE - DAR'S CARLEY. Owners: Janice Davis-Morgan (Miniature Schnauzers)
71/Q 804 SALLEE SNICKERS DELIGHT. DN09003001. 11/20/04. Brdr: Billie Jo Felton, MAESTROS LIL SNICKER - CHRISTMAS CANDY DELIGHT. Owners: Diana Fors,Leroy Fors (Shetland Sheepdogs)
93/4 805 MCSMOOTH HULLABALOO AT DAR-LU CD RN. RM23877701. 5/3/98. Brdr: Carol L. Crouse, CH DAR-LU HEAR THE COMMOTION VCD1 RA OAJ ME - BERGUNDTAL JEWEL IN FLIGHT. Owners: Melissa Knapp,Michele Luther (Fox Terriers(Smooth))
94 /2 609 SPARTACUS. . 9/30/02. Brdr: None, RENO - KATIE. Owners: Brenda Jagroop (Cane Corso)
94/3 806 HAVENEL RED CEDAR RN. PR05177303. 10/30/04. Brdr: Sandra S Gaalema, MINARETS BANDERO ROJO - HAVENEL KATERINA. Owners: Barbara O'Donaughy (Poodles(Standard))
A 807 SURFSONG'S SUMMER PROMISE CD RN NA NAJ HT. DN08194301. 8/25/04. Brdr: Lori Fournier, CH SURFSONG'S HIGHLAND LEGEND CD PT NA - CH HA'PENNY HARLOW AT SURFSONG. Owners: Ray Salmon,Ann Rambaud,Lori Fournier (Bearded Collies)
A 809 AUGUST SMITHWICKS. HP14605703. 3/28/05. Brdr: Jim Kroll, Glynnis Littlewood, Ellen Kroll, AUGUST TIMBRE - AUGUST RHAPSODY OF ROSSLARE. Owners: Patricia Vetter,Marshall Brown (Irish Wolfhounds)
A 811 STARDUST X-MEN'S HAVOK. WS18251301. 7/14/06. Brdr: Susan Lynch, CH OTCH ROYALWOOD EXTRAVERT V LEGEND UDX2 RN - CH MONTWOOD VALKYRIE KIZ U ARISTA NAJ NJP NAP RN. Owners: Lila Lynch,Susan Lynch (Doberman Pinschers)
92/Q 813 CH CIEL CELTICMOONS DARK LOVER. DN03985611. 5/7/03. Brdr: Carol Zielke, CH LISARA CIELS NIGHT AFTER NIGHT - CIELS FEMININE WILES. Owners: Pearl FabbroAgent: Pearl Fabbro (Collies(Smooth))
99/1 814 RAINFORESTS DARK SIDE O' TH MOON . DL87258601. 6/17/00. Brdr: Nancy Anstruther,Jim Bertrand,Susan Bertrand, TALLYWOOD CLARION ABSOLUTE - CH TALLYWOOD RAINFOREST RADIANT. Owners: Pearl Fabbro,Susan Bertrand,Jim BertrandAgent: Pearl Fabbro (Collies(Rough))
Rally Advanced B   Judge:
Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
94/Q 851 CH RISTLE FRONTIER COMPASS ROSE. RM37025701. 10/12/02. Brdr: Jennifer Vanniman,Neil Vanniman,Kathleen Robinson, James Robinson, CH WINDSOR OTTERBY DEVOTED TO BLUE - RISTLE BEA ATTITUDE. Owners: Kathy Teufel,Greg Teufel (Border Terriers)
96/Q 701 PROPWASH FRANKLY MY DEAR. DN15566402. 8/27/06. Brdr: Nancy Gaffney,Leslie Frank, CH PROPWASH SYZYGY - CH PROPWASH TWENTY THREE SKIDOO. Owners: Pat Lamont,T.J. Lamont (Australian Shepherds)
97/Q 852 BLUE. . 4/23/98. Brdr: Jerry Miller, BOOMER - TWO DOTS. Owners: Ed Conyers (Australian Cattle Dogs)
98 /3 853 LEXI LOU WHO, CDX, RN, NAJ, NA. . 12/26/01. Brdr: Unknown, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Carmen Haines (Shetland Sheepdogs)
91/Q 854 ANGELWOOD MAGIC PENNY RN CDX JH NAP NJP. SR03254307. 9/2/02. Brdr: Ann Vandenhaak, CH TIMBERLINE BIG BEN AT FAWNHAVEN SH RN - CEDARWOODS BLACK MAGIC ROSE. Owners: Brad V Swanson,Marlys Swanson (Retrievers, Labrador)
94/Q 707 NAUTICA'S HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS. WS12913301. 10/9/04. Brdr: Dawn Fretts, Greg Fretts, CH NAKISKA'S GRAND NOAHNUK - CH SHADRACK'S WINTER GAMES. Owners: Diana Wilman and Angela James (Newfoundlands)
98/4 708 NAUTICA'S COOL YULE DUDE. WS06965702. 7/26/03. Brdr: Dawn Fretts, Greg Fretts, CH NAUTICA'S DECK THE HALLS - CH SHADRACK'S WINTER GAMES. Owners: Diana Wilman and Angela James (Newfoundlands)
99/2 716 SPIRIT OF VANCOUVER. SR27181803. 2/27/05. Brdr: Laurie Weaver, SHORELAND'S RIVOTING SPIRIT CDX RA OA AXJ - SHORELAND'S FUNNY GIRL CD AX AXJ. Owners: Tony Kim (Retrievers, Golden)
100/1 855 Booth. . 1/15/07. Brdr: Bertie Nielson, Ramblewood's My Way - Gleniere's Dreamcatcher. Owners: Lisa McCoy (Spaniels, English Springer)
91/Q 856 WILLIS THE MOOSE. . 5/4/05. Brdr: Unk, UNK - UNK. Owners: Tammy Aylward (Pointers, German Wirehaired)
94/Q 857 HAVENEL REMEMBER ME OA NF. PP66548907. 4/3/02. Brdr: Sandra S Gaalema, PALMARES HIGHLAND JOUET - HAVENEL KATERINA. Owners: Barbara O'Donaughy (Poodles(Standard))
90/Q 859 CH SHARAY CLEARLY ARTESIAN JH RN. SR22745904. 12/12/04. Brdr: Sharon L Edwards,Ray Edwards, CH SHARAYS EZRA CD JH - CH SHARAYS FAIR EMMA CD. Owners: Marlys Swanson,Sharon Edwards (Retrievers, Labrador)
92/Q 860 RAMBLEWOOD TANASH KEEPSAKE CD RE TDI. SR12125005. 10/20/03. Brdr: Theresa Miller, Linda Riedel, CH RAMBLEWOOD HONKIE TONK BEAU - CH RAMBLEWOOD AIN'T MISSBEAVIN. Owners: Kelly Liedtke (Spaniels, English Springer)
Rally Excellent A   Judge:
Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
74/4 901 HIDDEN VALLEY SKITTLES. . 12/11/04. Brdr: Ben Lange, Carolyn Lange, WILLIE - ISABO. Owners: Elizaabeth A. Demko (Dachshunds(Smooth))
90/2 902 FROSTI MORNING. . 2/14/98. Brdr: Na, NA - NA. Owners: Diana Fors,Leroy Fors (Australian Shepherds)
86/3 810 ORYAN'S CHERRY CHERRY RN. SR45798401. 10/19/07. Brdr: Caroline McCormick,D Kahla, CH CREEKSIDE FRM STINGS LIKE A BEE - BENCHMARK ORYAN ME FIRST RN NF AX AXJ. Owners: Caroline McCormick (Retrievers, Golden)
95/1 812 GROENEN N CELTICMOONS AMULET. DN16711601. 1/1/06. Brdr: Bea-Carey Glynn,Lisa Faulds, LONGHAULS RPM AT CELTICMOON - ATSMARAS CHARM SHHELBIE. Owners: Pearl FabbroAgent: Pearl Fabbro (Belgian Tervurens)
A 903 SKATHVINE BLACK ROSE CD RA. WS22104401. 12/3/05. Brdr: Maryann Bisceglia, Katherine Folkerfs, Steven Folkerfs, KEAY'S IN THE NICK OF TIME - GALILEES INGEBAR COVER STORY. Owners: Jeanne Laverdier (Giant Schnauzers)
Rally Excellent B   Judge:
Thompson, Mrs. Catherine
95/2 852 BLUE. . 4/23/98. Brdr: Jerry Miller, BOOMER - TWO DOTS. Owners: Ed Conyers (Australian Cattle Dogs)
92/Q 856 WILLIS THE MOOSE. . 5/4/05. Brdr: Unk, UNK - UNK. Owners: Tammy Aylward (Pointers, German Wirehaired)
93/4 858 NORWESTS GOODNESS GRACIOUS CD RN. WP94126802. 10/21/99. Brdr: Nancy L. Wheeler,Sandra E. McFarlane, CASTAWAYS CLASSIC CLOWN - CASTAWAYS ABBY. Owners: D Wilman & A James,& S McFarlane & N Wheeler (Newfoundlands)
79/Q 860 RAMBLEWOOD TANASH KEEPSAKE CD RE TDI. SR12125005. 10/20/03. Brdr: Theresa Miller, Linda Riedel, CH RAMBLEWOOD HONKIE TONK BEAU - CH RAMBLEWOOD AIN'T MISSBEAVIN. Owners: Kelly Liedtke (Spaniels, English Springer)
83/Q 951 SADIE SUE CD RA RN. . 1/10/04. Brdr: Unk, UNK - UNK. Owners: Pamela Marmo (Australian Shepherds)
96/1 952 SENTRA'S KISS MY BUD CD. WS09846101. 8/16/03. Brdr: Joyce MacDonald, CH Sentra's Aztec von Meuenschloss - Sentra's Frosty Dawne. Owners: Tony Kim (Rottweilers)
93 /3 953 CH NEU-RODES KISS THIS! CDX RA. WS05565902. 8/31/03. Brdr: D.Budden,T.Woodward,T.Bradley, CH GIPFEL'S NAT KING CADE - CH NEU-RODES CONSTANT CRAVING. Owners: Andelys Peck,Thomas Woodward,Teresa Bradley (Rottweilers)