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Saturday, Nov 15th 2014


Novice Junior Class   Judge:
Charles Bagnell
4 5 SUNOJO'S I AM MCLOVECHIN. TR98146302. 12/28/09. Brdr: Rowan Norris-jones, Gayel's Bnk Cruser - Sunojo's The Devil wears Prada. Owners: Rowan Norris-Jones,Candace OmatsuAgent: Kimora Johnson (Japanese Chin)
  6 CH KING'S RANSOM FOR THE JESTER. RN19688602. 8/13/09. Brdr: Sharon Holden, Joyce M Berk, Carol Dawson, CH VERSAILLES OF CELTIC ODYSSEY - CH ROBRACS NICKEL AND DIME. Owners: Tracy LeBel,Sharon HoldenAgent: Ava LeBel (Bedlington Terriers)
A 7 AFARA PAPER AIRPLANE. DN26142003. 10/3/09. Brdr: Paul Chen, CH ARARA NOW OR NEVER - CH ARARA JOLENE. Owners: Aubrey K Hallgren,Serenity Hallgren,Paul ChenAgent: Aubrey Hallgren (Cardigan Welsh Corgis)
1 8 ELLE EST LA VIE. PR08781308. 7/11/06. Brdr: Kristina Worley, OCEANS CLAUDE VAN SANDS - C'EST LA VIE PRANCING TRIXIE. Owners: Robin Huested,Lindsay GorderAgent: Kiley Hill (Poodles(Standard))
  9 ENCORE'S BRONZE ILLUSION. DN25855101. 8/22/09. Brdr: Corinne M Boon, Zachary I Boon, CH BRAVO ENCORE'S MAN O' WAR - CH BLOSSOM HILL ENCORE'S SHOW GIRL. Owners: Corinne Boon,Heidi CashAgent: Kelly Cash (Collies(Smooth))
2 10 CH FOXFIRE'S SHE'S A POP STAR. WS40530201. 3/11/12. Brdr: Michelle Santana, Dave Miller, CH FOXFIRE'S POP STAR - CH FOXFIRE'S SHE'S ALL THAT. Owners: Mariana Gonzales,Michelle SantanaAgent: Aurora Loya (Doberman Pinschers)
  11 FOXTAIL'S HIGH STAKES CHASE. HP15360002. 4/16/05. Brdr: Sheri Lynn Berndt-Smith, Darrell Christopher Smith, CH KAHOOTZ CHASE MANHATTAN - CH BREIGAYT'S SONG OF CANADA. Owners: Kimberly LoeschAgent: Megdalyn Loesch (Beagles15")
3 13 CH SOMERSUN ONE BIG BLONDE. SR67807404. 4/9/11. Brdr: Katie Somers, SUMMERLIN'S CALL OF DUTY - SOMERSUN'S FREE SPIRIT. Owners: Cathy Hakola,Samantha G. PriggAgent: Samantha G. Prigg (Retrievers, Labrador)
  14 ZAMARADI'S A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. HP46893601. 1/26/14. Brdr: Sarah Smith-Falkner, Jeffrey Falkner, K Britton, CH TEAZER'S AMERICAN GIGOLO - CH KHANI'S WHOLE LOTTA LOVE. Owners: Sarah SmithAgent: Isaac Smith (Basenjis)
Novice Intermediate Class   Judge:
Charles Bagnell
2 15 GRAND DENALI V SAPPHIRES MAJOR KNOCK OUT. WA41935907. 9/18/12. Brdr: Felicia Cisneros, Christine Vetres Dixon, SHABREA UNTOUCHABLES' ARCH ENEMY CAPONE - WCL DANES CASH'S BY THE GRACE OF GOD. Owners: Courtney Sauter,Tami Rohde-Sauter,CJ SauterAgent: Courtney Sauter (Great Danes)
A 16 GCH SWEETBRIAR'S EVERLASTING STORY OF ISABELLA. SR57561303. 7/14/09. Brdr: Daniel Graff, Dana Graff, CH ITALIX MASSIMILIANO - CH SWEETBRIAR'S BRILLIANT GEM. Owners: Annemarie Kaighin,Dana GraffAgent: Kylie Roberts (Spinoni Italiani)
A 17 ANGEL'S SMILE IN THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. NP36312301. 1/9/14. Brdr: Kristina Skinner, CH ATISHA'S RISING SUN AT TRIPITAKA - REGALIA SMILE OF AN ANGEL. Owners: Kristina SkinnerAgent: Eve Goldsworthy (Tibetan Terriers)
3 18 ARTIC SUN'S MASTER OF MISCHIEF. SR80620605. 9/21/13. Brdr: Lori Kunz, Deb Brown, GCH MACH SHASTA BROWNSTONE CD JH RA - CH ARTIC SUN'S COOL CHANGE. Owners: Ron Colyer,Sheila Iturriaga ColyerAgent: Alyssa N Colyer (Retrievers, Flat-Coated)
  19 SINKONA'S A LITTLE PRINCESS. DN28748907. 7/10/10. Brdr: Heidi W Braun, Linda Marie Ward, Tanya A Ward, CH SINKONA'S MASKED BANDIT PT - EDENROCK LEGALLY BLONDE. Owners: Michael Teachman,Lorilyn TeachmanAgent: Kara Teachman (Collies(Smooth))
4 20 CAYENNE BECKWITH ONE SINGULAR SENSATION. TS18547203. 8/18/13. Brdr: Marcia Whitcomb, Beckwith There's Only One - Cayenne Chasing Rainbows. Owners: Becky Smith , Agent: Ainsley Nelson (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
1 21 MUELLER'S ALL STAR ROOKIE. . 2/25/09. Brdr: Martin Glass, Blue Pine's Yukon Jack - Horse Creek's Sambuca Glass. Owners: Cassidy Mueller,Theresa MuellerAgent: Cassidy Mueller (Australian Shepherds)
  22 HARLEQUIN V GRAND DENALI'S MIDNIGHT MONSTER. SR79215205. 6/15/13. Brdr: Diane Sullenberger, Pamela J Hansen-Boyer, NIPNTUCK HAPPENSTANCE - HARLEQUIN 2 PINCHES AND A DASH. Owners: Felicia Cisneros,ANGELINA CISNEROSAgent: ANGELINA CISNEROS (Retrievers, Labrador)
Novice Senior Class   Judge:
Charles Bagnell
  23 SKYHI HIP-HOP CANDY BN RN. DN21338103. 4/20/08. Brdr: Lynn Brimmer, CH COBEAUCHE ELEGANT L'OR NOIR - SKYHI DERBY GP23 VCD1 RE HSAS OA OAJ. Owners: Lynn Brimmer,Stewart Atkinson,Alexis PalomaAgent: Alexis Palomo (Bouvier des Flandres)
1 24 GRAND DENALI'S MIDNIGHT IN MEMPHIS. . 5/10/09. Brdr: Felicia Cisneros, SHABREA'S GREATEST HITS CASH 'N THE RING OF FIRE - SWEET DAISY MAE. Owners: CJ Sauter,Tami Rohde-SauterAgent: CJ Sauter (Great Danes)
  25 MAXIMUM. . 6/21/09. Brdr: Unknown, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Wendy SleisterAgent: McKenzie Sleister (Retrievers, Labrador)
JUDG 26 A ROUND OF MARTINIS. DN26674805. 12/4/12. Brdr: Terry Martin, R CORONADO'S BLACK BANDITO - R TOP DOG RIPLEY. Owners: Shelby LubchukAgent: Shelby Lubchuk (Australian Shepherds)
A 27 POLARIS GOLDCREST FLY ME TO THE MOON. DN33942501. 5/9/12. Brdr: Tina Beck, Pam Ericson, Megan Ericson, GCH HEARTHSIDE READY SET GO! RN TD - CH POLARIS GOLDCREST CHITA RIVERA. Owners: Annie MutschlerAgent: Samantha Mutschler (Australian Shepherds)
3 28 MISS GYPSY ROSE. . 8/3/10. Brdr: Kala Aven, CABALINA'S LIT'L SKEETER - AVEN'S LITL BLUE JEWEL. Owners: Theresa MuellerAgent: Hailey Mueller (Miniature American Shepherd)
2 29 SHABREA'S GREATEST HITS CASH'N THE RING OF FIRE CGC. WS25962602. 4/24/08. Brdr: Michelle Olive , SGD V MJSGD THAT SEVENTYS SHOW - GP V MJ'S LILLY AN ALL NATURAL GAL . Owners: Alexis Cisneros,CJ SAUTERAgent: Ayrieann Cisneros (Great Danes)
  30 ENCORE'S ZANDRIA 'N TERCAN'S JUST THE RIGHT MAGIC. DN36199704. 2/4/13. Brdr: Corinne Boon, Alexzandria Erb, Candace Hunter, CH BRAVO'S ZANDRIA'S PARTY 'N' A BOX RN - CH ENCORE'S BRONZE ILLUSION. Owners: Heidi Cash,Corinne BoonAgent: Grace Cash (Collies(Smooth))
4 31 ANGEL'S SUMMERTIME SANDY GIRL. SR78600507. 6/7/13. Brdr: Angel Audette, Pam Sage, Al Sage, Marilyn Gearhart, Ch Pulali's Best of Times at Parkwood - Ch Pulali N Parkwood's Dont Want No Drama. Owners: Marika Brady,Melissa BradyAgent: Melissa Brady (Retrievers, Golden)
  32 SHERLOCK'S LIPTON. . 12/28/08. Brdr: Guide Dogs for the Blind, GUIDE DOG'S JENKINS V - ANJOU. Owners: Glayds SherlockAgent: Anna Teachman (Retrievers, Labrador)
Open Junior Class   Judge:
Charles Bagnell
2 33 FAIRYTAIL'S STARRY NIGHT. HP41561806. 9/15/11. Brdr: Jeannie Aitken, Pat McNaul, GCH SHOWTIME'S SHOCK AND AWE - GCH FAIRYTAIL'S IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. Owners: Jeannie Aitken,Savanah AitkenAgent: Savanah Aitken (Basset Hounds)
4 34 AGUA DULCE'S TIKI BAR IS OPEN. WS44670010. 6/19/13. Brdr: Theresa Zorad, CH ARMADA'S BOATSWAIN HELM'S ALEE - AGUA DULCE ISLA MATIA . Owners: Theresa Zorad,Raquel EngelbertAgent: Raquel Engelbert (Portuguese Water Dogs)
3 35 VALCOPY HEATHERCREEK THE SAMERAI. TS05655701. 8/1/11. Brdr: Dana Plonkey, Judy Paris, VALCOPY JAMEL SATOSHI - SUNTERRA SYRITA AT VALCOPY. Owners: Paige Fink,Celest FinkAgent: Paige Fink (Pomeranians)
1 36 CH SWEET CAYENNE PEPPER. SR61864405. 4/22/10. Brdr: Jonathan Walter, CH RED OAK'S DYSON - WALTER'S SWEET GEORGIA BROWN. Owners: Mari McintyreAgent: Cassidy McIntyre (Vizslas)
Open Intermediate Class   Judge:
Charles Bagnell
4 37 MI JEAN'S WANNA TALK ABOUT ME . SR73401201. 6/20/12. Brdr: J Johnson,J Holmberg,J Holmberg,J Johnston , CH MI JEAN'S PUSHIN' YOUR BUTTONS JH - MI JEAN'S TANTRUMS' N TIARAS. Owners: Jean Johnson,Jennifer Holmberg,Joanne HolmbergAgent: Abigail Marsh (Setters, Irish)
1 38 ARCO IRIS CUPPA SUGARATKARADAV. NP30329001. 9/8/08. Brdr: Karen Lynn Papson, GCH DORKAY'S DIFFERENT CUPPA TEA - ARCO IRIS SUGAR SHOCK. Owners: Karen Lynn Papson,Nelli Larjava. Milla LarjavaAgent: Nelli Larjava (Boston Terriers)
  39 CH KITTLE-BEE CUPID A LA CARTE. RN13755302. 3/21/07. Brdr: Jennifer A Smith, CH ELWHA OTTER NONSENSE - CH FREILANCE CRANBERRY KITTLE CD. Owners: John F Saum,R Mariko Saum,Elizabeth DauberAgent: Elizabeth M Dauber (Border Terriers)
  40 GCH CORRAL WEST ATTITUDE WITH JUICE. DN11955201. 8/3/05. Brdr: Sherry Toft-Mayo,Stacie Toft, CH KUAWARRI N CWEST SPECTACULAR - CH CORRAL WEST MORE THAN A WIN. Owners: Sara-Jo GahmAgent: Eli Connolly (Australian Cattle Dogs)
  41 GCH FAIRYTAILS SWEET AND LOW. HP41561804. 9/15/11. Brdr: Pat McNaul, Jeannie Aitken, GCH SHOWTIMES SHOCK AND AWE - GCH FAIRYTAILS ITS ALL ABOUT ME. Owners: Suzy SunstrumAgent: Nelly Sunstrum (Basset Hounds)
  42 CH ROSLAR'S LAILA OF BLACK ROSE PT RN . WS21321604. 3/13/07. Brdr: Laura Rosinski, CH SAKSON VOM STABLEMATE CD RN - ROSLAR'S GEORGIE GIRL PT. Owners: Charlotte Dietsch,Laura RosinskiAgent: Zack Chavez (Rottweilers)
  43 ROCKLANE'S FASHION STATEMENT. SR69989303. 9/23/11. Brdr: Melannie Jones, Julie Matney, CH VALOR'S JACK OF ALL TRADES AT TRISTAR CD RE JH - MELODY'S ALEX MY MTN MUSIC. Owners: Eaine DuCharme,Marcia ParishAgent: Celeste DuCharme (Retrievers, Golden)
  44 SETTER RIDGE'S REIGNING PRINCESS RN. SR66659703. 12/28/10. Brdr: Melissa D. Newman,Rachel Barnes, CREEKSCROSSING REMEMBER THE MOMENT - SETTER RIDGE'S DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Owners: Miriam Gold,Sharon GoldAgent: Miriam Gold (Setters, English)
  46 Barb'Eric's "P.S. I Love You". WS45012901. 9/4/13. Brdr: Eric F Long and Barbara E Long, CH Barb'Eric's Magical Mystery Tour - Barb'Eric's Blitzkrieg of Tres-T. Owners: Eric F Long,Barbara E Long,Andrew MuellerAgent: Andrew Mueller (Bullmastiffs)
  47 NIPNTUCK SHAKE YOUR STUFF. SR55828209. 3/17/09. Brdr: Rebecca Gorton, GCH NIPNTUCK STOCKING STUFFER - NIPNTUCK SHAKE IT UP. Owners: Kathleen Gibson,Harper KlusmanAgent: Harper Klusman (Retrievers, Labrador)
  48 HAPPY HOBBITS CROWN JEWEL OF GILLROSS CA. RN25872101. 7/22/13. Brdr: S Gillen, P Ross, GCH HAPPY HOBBITS ANAKIN SKYWALKER JE - GCH HAPPY HOBBITS DALI ROSE. Owners: Amy Skochdopole,Harriet Haydon,Sandy GillenAgent: Amy I Skochdopole (Border Terriers)
2 49 CH LAKEVUE'S TIME HONORED TRADITION RN, CGC. SR62064702. 5/10/10. Brdr: Marci Miller,Tony Garcia, CH SHADOWLAND'S INSIDE SCOOP - RUSH HILL'S GO SOMEWHERE IN TIME. Owners: Tony Garcia,Marci Miller,Breanna ImlerAgent: Breanna Noelle Imler (Retrievers, Golden)
  50 ANASTASIA N' SNOWCHA'S TWISTED SISTER. WS36175301. 12/16/10. Brdr: Anastasia Pollen Fystrom, ECHO CALLS ADOBE HACIENDA - ANASTASIA'S DREAMS O' TREASURES. Owners: Patrick BourgAgent: Ashlee Whitney (Siberian Huskies)
  51 DARKOVER 'N TOPSAIL'S USE YOUR ILLUSION. SR71160402. 12/18/11. Brdr: Bobbie Daniel, Tobi Hensley, Madison Aulgur, TOPSAIL 'N TRADEWIND'S MONOPOLY - CH DARKOVER CHINQUAPIN. Owners: Rebecca DellickerAgent: Paul W Dellicker (Spaniels, English Springer)
  54 GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR BLEUE DU CHATEAU ROCHER. DN33386805. 9/16/11. Brdr: Karla Davis,Tracy Ross, GCH CHEVALIER NOIR DU CHATEAU ROCHER - CH EZAYAS BLEUE DU CHATEAU ROCHER. Owners: Shyanne Gates,Lydia Zemouri,Karla DavisAgent: Lydia Zemouri (Beaucerons)
3 55 TRADEWINDS RIGHT IN THE KISSER. HP40006809. 9/15/10. Brdr: Heidi Mckeon, Jenee Pearce-Mushen, CH TRADEWINDS RT KISS THE GIRLS - CH BRIALEY LIL BIT OV PIZAZ. Owners: Kimberly LoeschAgent: Gabi Loesch (Beagles15")
A 56 SUDAHR'S FOOTLOOSE. WS46800205. 4/17/14. Brdr: Ket Ayling,Mary Korevaar, CH IRONGATE'S WINTER KNIGHT CD - GLENGATE'S MORNING GLORY RED CD RA. Owners: Carol Wasden,Mary KorevaarAgent: Alexis Wasden (Doberman Pinschers)
A 57 RUSH HILLS ORIGAMI DRAGON. SR61067701. 9/12/09. Brdr: Jan Draper,Tonya Struble, GCH GAIA OF YOSHIDA ENTERPRISE - CH RUSH HILL CARRERA DARE TO STARE. Owners: Adrian SchmidtAgent: Adrian Schmidt (Retrievers, Golden)
  58 TEA TIME IN A GADDA DA VIDA. TS11814201. 6/11/12. Brdr: Betsy Clagett, CH LEGACY RAISING THE BAR - CH BALGAIRES TEA PARTY. Owners: Betsy Clagett,Matthew ZulegerAgent: Matthew Zuleger (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
Open Senior Class   Judge:
Charles Bagnell
  59 GCH CLOSSONGREY AS YOU WISH. RN21927806. 1/4/11. Brdr: Miriam Couto,David Couto, CH CLOSSONGREY FESTIVITY - CH CLOSSONGREY WATERFORD DELVIENTO. Owners: Miriam Couto,Sydney Maehara,Amy JudgeAgent: Amy Judge (Dandie Dinmont Terriers)
  60 WRIGHTWYN'S GYPSY GIRL BLUE. RN24771703. 7/22/12. Brdr: Brenton T. Wright, CH King's Ransom for the Jester - Wrightwyn's Reason to Believe. Owners: Tracy LeBel,Sophia LebelAgent: Sophia LeBel (Bedlington Terriers)
  61 RIVER ROAD'S RENDEZVOUS AT RUSH HILL. SR75564201. 10/27/12. Brdr: Suzanne Rapier,Michael Rapier, CH RUSH HILLS HAAGEN-DAZS CDX JH AX OAJ - GCH RIVERROADS PAY'N IT FORWARD. Owners: Kaitlyn Price,Tonya StrubleAgent: Kaitlyn Price (Retrievers, Golden)
  62 SCIANE'S GIZMOS AND GADGETS RN. . 1/26/06. Brdr: Unknown, Unknown - Unknown. Owners: Diane MunfordAgent: Robert Munford (Papillons)
A 63 PENSRICK ACE OF SPADES. TS00987502. 8/3/10. Brdr: Penelope Liebeler, Rick Fellows, CH Legacy Windchester - Pensrick Moon Struck. Owners: Alisha Lockleer,Julia JohnsAgent: Malynn Johns (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
2 64 JOURNEY'S LET THE GAMES BEGIN RN. SR64794302. 10/14/10. Brdr: Kim Bullard, Monica Bowers, CH TIFFANY'S ESSPECIAL MAGIC KINGDOM RN - CH ESSPECIAL OVER THE MOON RN. Owners: Kawai Nahoopii,Kim BullardAgent: Kawai Nahoopii (Spaniels, English Springer)
  65 CH BARB'ERIC'S ORION . WS41311103. 7/13/12. Brdr: Tami E Moffatt, Teagan W Moffatt, GCH GUARDMAN'S BARB'ERIC MR T BN RN - GCH BARB'ERIC TRES-T'S POT O'GOLD BN RN. Owners: Eric F Long,Barbara E long,Autumn Fortin,Alexis CarterAgent: Autumn Fortin (Bullmastiffs)
  66 KITTLE-BEE MAN IN TAN TWEED. RN25945102. 9/25/13. Brdr: Jennifer Smith, CH KITTLE-BEE HEY MISTER - KITTLE-BEE HEATHERY. Owners: Jennifer Smith,Mariana GonzalesAgent: Mariana Gonzales (Border Terriers)
1/BJH 67 GCH MARINELLA'S SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL. WS30273101. 5/27/09. Brdr: Kristle Marangon, David Marangon, Molly Exner, CH POUCH COVE'S MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO - CH POUCH COVE'S STRONG WILLED. Owners: Kristle Marangon,David MarangonAgent: Hana Deiuri Marangon (Portuguese Water Dogs)
  68 TSUNAMI'S DUCK COMMANDER. . 8/5/13. Brdr: Theresa Dancey, GCH SPINNAKERS LEVER ACTION COWBOY RN JH - CH QUAILRUN'S SOPHIE'S CHOICE. Owners: Lori Nobes,Theresa DanceyAgent: Olivia Nobes (Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay)
  69 CEDARHAVEN'S VON RUGER. DN34954906. 9/8/12. Brdr: Brenda Piele, SUNRISE TRIPLE 10 OF CEDARHAVEN - CEDARHAVEN'S BAHAMA BREEZE. Owners: Alicia KushnerAgent: Alicia Kushner (German Shepherd Dogs)
  70 GCH BTRUE'S GOOD LOOKIN' MAN RN THD. WS34899211. 6/5/10. Brdr: Melissa Wiltse, Ian McCauley, CH MELKEV'S COMING TO YOUR CITY - GCH MYB'LOVABULL TOO GOOD TO BTRUE. Owners: Rebecca Galbreath,Elizabeth GalbreathAgent: Elizabeth Galbreath (Bullmastiffs)
3 71 GCH RUSH HILL'S MURDER MYSTERY JH. SR64227201. 8/13/10. Brdr: Tonya Struble,Mark Struble,Kelsey Dunn, GCH RUSH HILL'S RUN'N AMUCK AT ABELARD OA,OAJ,AXP,AJP,NFP - CH RUSH HILL'S MURDER SHE WROTE. Owners: Tonya Struble,Christian RuttenAgent: Christian Rutten (Retrievers, Golden)
4 72 LOCKSHIRE'S I AM THE REAL ROMEO SL CGC. HP39037013. 10/24/10. Brdr: Kathleen Lockyer, Thomas Lockyer, GCH LOCKSHIRE'S REMBRANDT SL RN - CH NEUDORFS ALFA ROMEO. Owners: Sarah Pearce,Kathleen LockyerAgent: Sarah Pearce (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
  73 TORETH'S REQUESTING A FLY-BY. DN32979106. 1/15/12. Brdr: Le'o Washburn, CH PAWCIFIC SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED - CH COEDWIG'S SAIL ON SILVERGIRL . Owners: Nicki ShortAgent: Nicki Short (Cardigan Welsh Corgis)
  74 LUNA'S IT'S ALL A BIG ADVENTURE. TS15272102. 1/27/13. Brdr: Melissa M Norton DVM, Kim Taylor, Katelynn Edgecombe, GCH LUNA'S ALL THAT JAZZ - CH LUNA'S TIMELISS LARA CROFT OF CANTU. Owners: Dena M Edgecombe,TARYN M WHITEAgent: Taryn M White (Pugs)
A 75 GCH RAFFICAS JAMOCHA OF TRU'GAIT. HP41154803. 6/3/11. Brdr: Carolyn Swadley, Garret Games, Sue Games, CH RAFFICAS VALYMIR SWEET REVENGE - CH RAFFICAS MORE THAN PRETTY. Owners: Jody Wilson,Lauren Wilson,Sue Games,Garret GamesAgent: Ana Wilson (Afghan Hounds)