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36th All Breed Dog Show w/ Obedience Trial
Saturday, Jul 11th 2009


Novice Junior Class   Judge:
Sorrell, Ms. Wendy
2 5 Ch Rush Hill's Arms of an Angel. SN60824205. 12/28/98. Brdr: Tonya Struble, Susan Babich, Ch Goodtime's Trademark of Rush Hill OA, NAJ - Ch Rush Hill's Colorful Rumor. Owners: Ellen Menshew,Scott Menshew,Tonya StrubleAgent: Emily J Menshew (Retrievers, Golden)
1 6 JAKE'S HOPI CHANTE ISTA OF SANBAR. SR47146705. 12/16/07. Brdr: Sandy Wesy, Debra Meifert, DC SIR ANTHONYS JAKE OF SANBAR NAJ,NJP - CH GRAYSEA'S WISH COME TRUE. Owners: Patricia Bailey,Anthony Bailey,Casin WilliamsonAgent: Casin Williamson (Weimaraners)
A 7 Pentangle's I'm Your Man. dn21651605. 3/12/08. Brdr: Debra Thomas, DVM, CH Britannia Back to the Future - CH Pentangle's Forever Young. Owners: Kylie LensegravAgent: Kylie Lensegrav (Bearded Collies)
Novice Intermediate Class   Judge:
Sorrell, Ms. Wendy
1 8 BERNERHILLS ORION V HIDDEN VAL. WS02463602. 10/23/02. Brdr: Lorna Felice, CH HOPES GEORGIA ON MY MIND - HIDDEN VALLEY'S MISS SIAGON. Owners: Toni Rasmussen,Jaime RasmussenAgent: Auston Kirk (Bernese Mountain Dogs)
2 10 NICOR'S GRADY BOY. . 10/15/04. Brdr: Unknown, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Nicole Sorensen,Kelly WeedAgent: Nicole M. Sorensen (Pembroke Welsh Corgis)
Novice Senior Class   Judge:
Sorrell, Ms. Wendy
1 12 Krystalyn's Leading Man. DN07608202. 6/28/04. Brdr: Yvonne Defreitas , CH Westar's Dioneecio - Kyrstalyn What An Attah Tude. Owners: Sara ByrneAgent: Sara Elizabeth Byrne (Shetland Sheepdogs)
Open Junior Class   Judge:
Sorrell, Ms. Wendy
1 13 CH RINGHILL HEIR TO THE THRONE. TR18726601. 10/12/03. Brdr: Verlynn Johns,Julia Johns, CH MAIBEE ROYAL REVENGE - CH PAULIAN TRINKET. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia JohnsAgent: Malynn Johns (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
A 14 CALEES BOY KING OF BETZBULLS. NP10752202. 8/29/05. Brdr: Catherine Plummer, Ray Plummer, CH MORGAN MANOR TO STARCREEK CALEE - CH CALEES BUY ME A MERCEDES BENZ. Owners: Ryan Betz,Mary Betz,Josh BetzAgent: Justin Betz (French Bulldogs)
A 15 Lakewinds Blue Reign at Betzbulls. dn16740003. 12/18/06. Brdr: Caroline Haynes and Fred Haynes, Lakewinds Versace - Lakewinds First Lady. Owners: Ryan Betz,Mary Betz,Josh Betz,Justin BetzAgent: Josh Betz (Collies(Rough))
Open Intermediate Class   Judge:
Sorrell, Ms. Wendy
1 16 CH HOMEGUARD'S BEN BENJAMIN RN,RA. WS10580201. 10/12/04. Brdr: Frank M Courtway, CH BASTION'S LOUISVILLE SLUGGER - CH CASABLANCA'S-HOMEGUARD DOTTY. Owners: Courtney Smith,Linda HykeAgent: Courtney Smith (Bullmastiffs)
  17 CH. DILYN CALM CEILIDH DAJEEN. DN05082807. 10/17/03. Brdr: Diane Morrill and Cheryl Calm, CH QUICHE'S ATTITUDE ADJUSTER - CH CALM ZIRCON OF DILYN. Owners: David and Eileen McBrideAgent: Megan McBride (Bouvier des Flandres)
3 18 CH BARB'ERIC'S HEAVY METAL. WS17956905. 5/22/06. Brdr: Eric F. Long,Barbara E. Long,Tami Moffatt, CH LEATHERNECK PACKER BACKER - CH BARB'ERIC'S ABBEY ROAD. Owners: Julie Lohr,Stephen Lohr,Aaron BradshawAgent: Aaron Bradshaw (Bullmastiffs)
4 19 DC NIEBURS MOONFLOWER. HP04860504. 4/26/03. Brdr: Dave Niebur,Linn Niebur, DC JEGIES SUNKISSED PHOENIX - DC NIEBURS MOONSHADOW. Owners: Nicole Cooper,Amber LeonardAgent: Amber Leonard (Dachshunds(Smooth))
  20 Foxfire's the best damnthing of icon. ws26085402. 4/4/08. Brdr: Teresa Ross and Michelle Santana, Ch. Foxfire's All Star - Ch. Foxfire's ticket to paradise. Owners: Janet Muzos,Teresa Ross,Mallary Ross,Michelle SantanaAgent: Mallary Q. Ross (Doberman Pinschers)
  21 BayView Million Dollar Baby. NP20237802. 6/7/08. Brdr: Claudia M Brown, Rex M Brown, Ch Dowats The Contender - BayView White Rose. Owners: Claudia M Brown,Rex M BrownAgent: Abigail Bernat (Bulldogs)
  22 Jane. . 9/4/04. Brdr: Unknown, Unknown - Unknown. Owners: Emilee Taylor & Kellee TaylorAgent: Emilee Taylor (Poodles(Miniature))
  23 BARB'ERIC'S ABBY OF NCIS FAME. WS21769501. 5/10/07. Brdr: Eric F Long,Barbara E Long, Tami E Moffatt , BARB'ERIC MAXWELL SILVER HAMMER - CH BARB'ERIC'S ABBEY ROAD. Owners: Eric F Long,Barbara E Long,Tami E Moffatt,alexis carterAgent: Alexis Carter (Bullmastiffs)
2 33 VALIVIEW'S PUTTIN ON THE RITZ. SR25053001. 2/13/05. Brdr: Jo Simpson,Jared Smith,Caleb Smith, CH GOODTIMES ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - VALIVIEW'S LIL GOLD CORVET. Owners: Jo Simpson,Christian RuttenAgent: Christian Rutten (Retrievers, Golden)
Open Senior Class   Judge:
Sorrell, Ms. Wendy
3 24 CH FLEETSTREET ANGELS AMONG US. TP10499405. 11/7/00. Brdr: Carol Williams,Hank Williams, KINGSHAVEN MARY PERCEPTION - CH THREE PENNY OPERA. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia JohnsAgent: Julia John's (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
  25 ELITES CHILLN' AT STONECREST. DN07268702. 2/26/04. Brdr: Donielle Lowrie,Jackie Bayes, CH ELITES FORECAST FOR SUNSHINE - CH STONECREST MORNING MIST. Owners: Laura Viola Pearson,Anna J Pearson,Toni Viola PearsonAgent: Laura Viola Pearson (Australian Shepherds)
1/BJH 26 CH SUNDOWNER CASTLECRST WHITE LIGHT'N. HP17097502. 7/18/05. Brdr: Linda A. Culver,Samantha Anthony, CH CASTLECREST'S HEIR APPARENT - CH CASTLECREST'S STORM WARNING. Owners: Ron & Yvonne McKimAgent: Lindsey McKim (Whippets)
  27 CH PINPAP'S SEBASTIAN. TR39619501. 5/20/05. Brdr: Claudia Clark, Larry Clark, LEMORE HAY'OE TREBLE OA AXJ - PINPAP'S SAVANNAH ROSE. Owners: Claudia Clark,Emilie PetersonAgent: Emilie J Peterson (Papillons)
4 28 CH CASTLEHILL'S NEVER TOO RICH. HP18216701. 11/6/05. Brdr: Sharon Dok, James R Dok, CH TOPSFIELD-SANCHU WHOOPI - CH CASTLEHILL'S LEGALLY BLONDE. Owners: Sarah Broom,Sharon DokAgent: Sarah Broom (Basset Hounds)
2 29 Ch Polesitter's M3. SR45691401. 9/30/07. Brdr: Michael Bockhorn, CH Crownroyal's Tea Caddy - CH Polesitter's Victory Party. Owners: Arthur Stewart,Michael Bockhorn,Anna GillesAgent: Anna Gilles (Spaniels, English Springer)
  30 ALFHEIM'S ISTANBUL NOT CONSTANTINOPLE. TR73783504. 3/4/08. Brdr: Avery McLeod, Stephanie McLeod, DC DANTHONY'S DANTE RN MC - CH ANTHONY'S POETIC EDDA O ALFHEIM. Owners: Avery McLeod,Stephanie McLeod,Anna GrayAgent: Anna Gray (Italian Greyhounds)
  31 MI JEAN'S LEONARDO. SR38141001. 8/19/06. Brdr: Jennifer Holmberg, Jean Johnson, CH MIJEAN'S N PELEKANE NEW TROUBLE - CH MIJEAN'S AMERICAN ORIGINAL. Owners: Kory Wyckoff,Cheyenne Schlecht,Jennifer HolmbergAgent: Cheyenne Schlecht (Spaniels, English Cocker)
  32 CH COPLEY'S MILLENNIUM MARTINI. SR31207904. 11/15/05. Brdr: Robin Tomasi, Barbara Scott, Nickie Manifold, CH CASTLE ONE IN A MILLENNIUM JH - CH WINCREST ROMANTIC MELODY. Owners: Jaime Eiene,Robin Tomasi,Barbara DaytonAgent: Jaime Eiene (Brittanys)