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Seattle Kennel Club, Inc.
124th All Breed Dog Show & Obedience Trial
Saturday, Mar 8th 2008


Novice Junior Class   Judge:
Morrison-Jones, Alicia
4 5 Singing Wind's Maggie. TP11392502. 10/14/00. Brdr: Betty Holten, Preily's Fringe Benefit - Pugantics Florile. Owners: Nancy HoodAgent: Erin Hood (Pugs)
  6 Wassookeags Happy Feet. SN76678902. 7/18/00. Brdr: Susan Robichaud, David Robichaud, Westerlea's Wassookeag Bachi WC - Wassookeag's Nor'Easter. Owners: Cheryl Seeley,Ashton GintherAgent: Ashton Ginther (Retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling )
  7 CH WIND MOUNTAIN'S BELLE RIVER. SR16099901. 4/6/04. Brdr: Connie Strom, THREE B'S LEGENDS HIGH ROLLER - CH CONNIE'S COUNTRY CHEYANNE JH. Owners: C Landerholm-Miller,Bob Miller,Andrea MillsAgent: Andrea Mills (Brittanys)
  9 BETZBULLS THUNDER ROLLS. NP08787801. 2/4/05. Brdr: Ryan Betz, Mary Betz, CH HELFYRE WARMVALLEY SIXPENCE - BETZBULLS BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE LHF. Owners: Ryan Betz,Mary BetzAgent: Josh Betz (Bulldogs)
2 10 MAI-RYMS FUN N' GAMES. TR63881801. 12/24/06. Brdr: Shelley Wiemer-Martin, Susan Plouff, Ryms W PPS High B Pow R - Windmist Fashion Statement. Owners: Ginger Riley,Susan Plouff,Shelley Wiemer-MartinAgent: Ginger Riley (Pomeranians)
  11 RINGHILL CHARLOTTES WEB . TR64520302. 5/16/07. Brdr: Verlynn Johns, Julia Johns, CH RINGHILL HEIR TO THE THRONE - RINGHILL NATIONAL TREASURE. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia Johns,Charlotte BakerAgent: Lauren A. Baker (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
  12 RAMBLEWOOD IRREPLACEABLE. SRA41200703. 3/12/07. Brdr: Ramblewood, CH RAMBLEWOOD FIELDS OF GOLD - CH RAMBLEWOOD WISH UPON A STAR. Owners: Sydney Hamilton,Kathleen HamiltonAgent: Sydney Hamilton (Spaniels, English Springer)
1 13 HPK Tropaco Troyan Argos Of Coso. HP17914901. 10/2/05. Brdr: Helen Hayek,David Hayek, CH Jubalee's Lonestar Over Kei River JC - CH Tropaco Ecco Domani of HPK JC. Owners: Kirsi Larjava,Lance Poehlke,Debra JordisonAgent: Milla Larjava (Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
  14 WOODHAVEN DENALI. TR60936502. 11/19/06. Brdr: Sondra Liston & Susan Shidler, SEVENWOODS DAKOTA - HOMERBRENT ERICA. Owners: Kymberly Lukosky,Sondra ListonAgent: Emma Lukosky (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
3 15 Avalon's Solo Of Encore. DN12426302. 9/28/05. Brdr: Corinne M Boon,Alicia M Altier, CH Bravos Kodiak - Bravos Fontaine TNT Mandy. Owners: Suzan Phelps,Corinne Boon,Cartlyn ConnollyAgent: Caitlyn Connolly (Collies(Smooth))
  16 CAMCREST MISS MONEYPENNY. RN11710403. 7/8/06. Brdr: Sandy Campbell, CH CAMCREST ANDSURELY MR. FORTUNE - CH CAMCREST QUEEN OF DIAMONDS. Owners: Sandy Campbell,Anna Lim,Alex LimAgent: Anna Lim (West Highland White Terriers)
Novice Intermediate Class   Judge:
Morrison-Jones, Alicia
2 8 WHITEHAWK NONSUCH WAYFARER C. SR32140401. 6/15/05. Brdr: Victoria Moira Simmonds, Ch SPICE TWICE BOHEMIA LEGENDA - WHITEHAWK NONSUCH WELKIN LASS. Owners: Holly Lapole,Melissa Wiltse,Allison PaceAgent: Allison Pace (Spaniels, Clumber)
4 17 MAGGIE MEI. DN06593901. 1/18/04. Brdr: UnK, UNK - UNK. Owners: Lauren Hamilton,Susan HamiltonAgent: Lauren Hamilton (Pomeranians)
3 18 OSCAR BYRNE. . 3/24/05. Brdr: Misty Hanson, Richard Hanson, COYOTE RED MONEY - CHLOES GOING FOR DA MONEY. Owners: Kathy Hartford,Kaitlyn HartfordAgent: Kaitlyn Hartford (Australian Shepherds)
  19 CH CAMCREST RED SPEEDWAGON. RN11651203. 4/25/06. Brdr: Robert McCaskill DVM, Sandy Campbell, CH SWEETSOUNDS KING'O' ROCKN ROLL - CH CAMCREST BEBE QUEEN OF TROUBLE. Owners: Lynn Widtfeldt,Theresa Widtfeldt,Ryan Mogensen,Sandy CampbellAgent: Ryan Mogensen (West Highland White Terriers)
  21 Lord Of Thunder. . 11/11/04. Brdr: Jeffrey Lee Hopkins, Denise Hopkins, Sir Charles Winchester V - Sadie Joe Hopkins. Owners: Kathy FryAgent: Christina Fry (Retrievers, Labrador)
  22 MCVAN'S DOWN HOME GIRL. RN04407501. 3/8/05. Brdr: Vandra Huber, CH NEIDFYRE'S VITTA ROUGE - CH MCFAN'S RUN AROUND SUE. Owners: Vandra Huber,Jessica JorgensenAgent: Jessica Jorgensen (Scottish Terriers)
  23 LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE XIV. SR43633806. 6/10/07. Brdr: Kathleen Shotwell,Stacy Shotwell, HE AIN'T A SHY MAN - WOODCREEKS LIL LIEBE. Owners: Keely KillebrewAgent: Keely Killebrew (Retrievers, Golden)
  24 VALIVIEW'S LADY DENALI. SR42770701. 4/17/07. Brdr: Jo Simpson, Carley Simpson, Cameron Simpson, CH SILVERCREEK'S NEXT STRIKE - CH SILVERCREEK'S WAITING TO EXHALE. Owners: Kylie Hineman,Jo SimpsonAgent: Kylie Hineman (Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay)
1 25 KP's Goin' For The Gold. . 11/26/06. Brdr: Kyak Point Golden Retrievers, Dandy - Precious. Owners: Meagan RodmanAgent: Meagan Rodman (Retrievers, Golden)
Novice Senior Class   Judge:
Morrison-Jones, Alicia
3 26 CH LAKMAT'S STOLEN KISSES, RN. WP90353301. 2/26/99. Brdr: Carolyn Warren, CH Lakmats Six Bits a Kiss - Meghan My Day. Owners: T Mitchell,E Mitchell,K Carmichael,M CarmichaelAgent: Tilisa Cohen (Siberian Huskies)
1 27 CH BLACK WATCH'S DONNIE BROOKE. WR04855901. 9/29/01. Brdr: United States, CH SUSANA SPRING'S SAILORS CHOICE - MCCRACKEN PTS SEA DORYS BLACK WATCH. Owners: Robin Kestin,Aimee Hood,Sybil LambertAgent: Aimee Hood (Newfoundlands)
2 29 MAJESTIC'S JUST WATCH ME. WS13569801. 3/18/05. Brdr: Dennis Hliboki,Renee Hliboki, CH CANDY KISSES TAKE ME AWAY - MAJESTICS ROYAL BRILLIANCE. Owners: Renee Hliboki,Kristi CetakAgent: Kristi Cetak (Boxers)
A 30 BRIETSTAR'S ROUDY REBEL ROUSER. SR29557303. 9/17/05. Brdr: Kerry Breit, James Brennan, CH JAYBREN'S BOHEMIAN BAND AT SHAYLA JH - CH JAYBREN'S BREIT LOKE. Owners: Jackie Lange,Allison LangeAgent: Allison Lange (Vizslas)
4 31 LOST CREEK A WALK IN THE CLOUDS. HM67110202. 10/14/96. Brdr: Helen Brettell, John Rowton, WHIMSY'S WOLVERHAMPTON - LOST CREEK DREAMCATCHER. Owners: Curt DahlAgent: Cayla Dahl (Whippets)
  32 Strathspey Kailas Dream Girl. DN17476604. 11/28/07. Brdr: Linda Castle, Barb Davis & Pat Pierce, CH MACH4 Strathspey Sure Shot - Valtish Dora The Explorer. Owners: Kaila Trulin,Piper TrulinAgent: Kaila Trulin (Shetland Sheepdogs)
  33 CH Bravo Encore's Man O'War. DN07316401. 5/4/04. Brdr: Corinne M Boon,Alicia M Altier, CH Bravo's Kodiak - Bravo's Fontaine TNT Mandy. Owners: Corinne BoonAgent: Zachary Boon (Collies(Smooth))
A 34 SUPERNOVA CHARMS AND SPELLS, TT. . 7/13/05. Brdr: Catherine/Danica Eiswerth, Vicky Olson, CH WYNDEM'S KNIGHTS QUEST - CH GENTRY LADY OF THE LAKE, CD, WAC, RN, CGN. Owners: Catherine Eiswerth,Danica Eiswerth,Vicky OlsonAgent: Danica Eiswerth (Doberman Pinschers)
Open Junior Class   Judge:
Morrison-Jones, Alicia
4 35 CH RINGHILL ANGEL IN THE MORNING. TN92649205. 8/30/99. Brdr: Carol Williams, Hank Williams, CH PAMEDNA SIR EDWARD - CH THREE PENNY OPERA. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia JohnsAgent: Malynn Johns (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
2 36 CH FOXFIRE'S TICKET TO PARADISE. WS09276503. 5/24/04. Brdr: Michelle Santana,Katherine Torre, CH FOXFIRE'S THAT'S THE TICKET - CH FOXFIRE'S IMAGINE THAT. Owners: Teresa Ross & Michelle SantanaAgent: Mallary Ross (Doberman Pinschers)
3 37 VALIVIEW'S PUTTIN ON THE RITZ. SR25053001. 2/13/05. Brdr: Jo Simpson,Jared Smith,Caleb Smith, CH GOODTIMES ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - VALIVIEW'S LIL GOLD CORVET. Owners: Christian Rutten,Jo SImpsonAgent: Christian Rutten (Retrievers, Golden)
1 38 RUSH HILL'S THAT'S THE SCOOP. SR28956301. 8/19/05. Brdr: JoAnne Johnson, Tonya Struble, Robert Johnson, CH RUSH HILL'S HAAGEN DAZS CDX JH AX OAJ - CH RUSH HILL'S BORN FREE AT SHADOWLAND. Owners: Kawai Nahoopil,Chantel NahoopiiAgent: Kawai Nahoopii (Retrievers, Golden)
  39 NAMIES SIMPLYTO IRRESISTIBLE. DN04305401. 7/6/03. Brdr: Betty Namie, Dennis Namie, CH MILL CREEK'S RAVE REVIEW - NAMIE'S SUGAR COATED ROO BE. Owners: Elizabeth Ann BultmanAgent: Elizabeth Bultman (Australian Shepherds)
Open Intermediate Class   Judge:
Morrison-Jones, Alicia
A 40 CH LEGACY JESSE JAMES AT FULAMLRKY. TP22359101. 6/7/01. Brdr: Dawn Stevens, CH LEGECY WILD BILL CODY - CH MINGCHEN NOSEY ROSEY. Owners: Patrick Kelly and Coleman ForresterAgent: Coleman Forrester (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
A 42 CH CRESWICK CAMEO SIMPLY RED, JH, SH, MH. SN92656602. 9/21/02. Brdr: Julie Wickwire,Robert Wickwire, Leslie Connell, CH CYPRESS WOODS DEALERS CHOICE - CH CAMEO COMEDY THE DIVINE MS. M, JH, SH, MH. Owners: Robert Wickwire,Julie WickwireAgent: Lauren Wickwire (Spaniels, Clumber)
2 43 KIKORA'S TWINKLING OF AN EYE. HP08185802. 12/11/03. Brdr: Marian Sweeney, CH COASTAL'S LIGHTHOUSE LOUIE - CH JAMADARI AMARA DONNABELLA, JC, NA, NAJ. Owners: Marian Sweeney,Laura Pearson,Anna PearsonAgent: Laura Viola Pearson (Basenjis)
  44 JADECREEK TIMBERWOOD'S JACK. DN02378802. 2/9/03. Brdr: Linda Fraembs,Toni Viola Pearson, CH LIL' CREEK'S SURE SHOT - TIMBERWOOD'S DREAMSICLE. Owners: Toni Viola Pearson,Anna J. PearsonAgent: Anna Jane Pearson (Australian Shepherds)
3 45 HOMEGUARD'S BEN BENJAMIN. WS10580201. 10/12/04. Brdr: Frank M Courtway, CH BASTION'S LOUISVILLE SLUGGER - CH CASABLANCA'S-HOMEGUARD'S DOTTY. Owners: Linda Hyke,Courtney SmithAgent: Courtney Smith (Bullmastiffs)
  46 SIR WILSON OF POLARIS. DN06593901. 3/5/04. Brdr: Pam Ericson, Megan Ericson, Melanie J Wiley-Webb, CH OPALA'S SOLO FLIGHT - OPALA'S CHAMPAGNE LACE. Owners: Alexis Hamilton,Susan Hamilton,Pam EricsonAgent: Alexis Hamilton (Australian Shepherds)
  47 WYNSET FIREBRAND. DN08218101. 9/14/04. Brdr: Gary Whitmore,Dawn Pecora, CH KENSIL'S PLAYING WITH MATCHES - FIRST LIGHT WYNSET ARISE. Owners: Haley Pemble,Bonnie PembleAgent: Haley Pemble (Shetland Sheepdogs)
  48 CH BIANCA'S OLYMPIC GODDESS JH. SR23639801. 10/19/04. Brdr: Mary Ellen Whyte, CH MALHAVEN MAXIMUM ICE - CH BIANCA'S GEORGIA STRAIT, CD. Owners: Brian Cochran,Mary Ellen WhyteAgent: Kayla Cochran (Pointers, German Shorthaired)
  49 CH BLACKHILLS COBALT COOPER. DN11263706. 6/19/05. Brdr: Michael J Sweeney, Christine Sweeney, CH COEDWIG'S CARBON BLUE - BLACKHILLS DHARMA'S DWEEZIL. Owners: Hank LancasterAgent: Hank Lancaster (Welsh Corgis(Cardigan))
  50 CH PINPAP'S SEBASTIAN. TR39619501. 5/20/05. Brdr: Claudia Clark, Larry Clark, LEMORE HAY'OE TREBLE OA AXJ - PINPAP'S SAVANNAH ROSE. Owners: Claudia Clark,Emilie PetersonAgent: Emilie J Peterson (Papillons)
  51 CADEAU'S SHAKE RATTLE 'N ROLL. TR49898801. 11/25/05. Brdr: Ilona Zappner, Multi Int CH MENINE'S GREAT BALLS OF FIRE - CELLIEN VOM GISMOLAND. Owners: K. Carrillo,E. Carrillo,E. Favin,M. GelfandAgent: Elizabeth Carrillo (Papillons)
  52 ISLAND'S ERUPTION OF SMKEY MTN. NP13210303. 6/1/06. Brdr: Robert C. Brown, Joshua Brown, SMOKEY MTN'S INDIAN OUTLAW - AWD'S SADIE SPIRIT OF DAISY. Owners: Robert C Brown,Joshua BrownAgent: Joshua Brown (American Eskimo Dogs)
  53 ALIBI'S BILLY THE KID CD SH. SR13790907. 12/29/03. Brdr: Wendy Burley, Robert Burley, CH SKYFIRE'S OUGHTA BE A LAW CD JH - LATTE'S MISS LEAH CD. Owners: Wendy Burley,Aaron BradshawAgent: Aaron Bradshaw (Retrievers, Labrador)
  54 CH CASTLEHILL'S NEVER TOO RICH. HP18216701. 11/6/05. Brdr: Sharon Dok, James R Dok, CH TOPSFIELD-SANCHU WHOOPI - CH CASTLEHILL'S NEVER TOO RICH. Owners: Sarah Broom,Sharon DokAgent: Sarah Broom (Basset Hounds)
4 55 MR. TOP HAT OF CEDARCROFT. HP23698405. 11/16/06. Brdr: Michael Dilley,Terri Dilley and Martha Deans, CH Faulkdach Jack At Tekelwood ML - FC Baroness Mitzi Rose JE RN RA. Owners: Terri Dilley,Martha Deans,Tamara Roche,Kevin RocheAgent: Martha Deans (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
A 56 CH BLUE ROSE WALK THE LINE. RN10545201. 11/7/05. Brdr: Phil Booth, Amy Rodrigues, CH LAURELTON DECORUM TO BOLDLY GO - CH BROXDEN LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Owners: Benjamin Ceccarelli,Becky NoeAgent: Benjamin Ceccarelli (Fox Terriers(Smooth))
  57 WINTERCREEK'S SWEET SUCCESS. DN16461701. 10/21/06. Brdr: Debra and James Gayton, NEAHM WINTERCREEK CHASING TROUBLE - WINTERCREEK SPLASH DANCE. Owners: Joanne Smith,Hannah Smith,Debra GaytonAgent: Hannah Smith (Shetland Sheepdogs)
  58 Titian's Un Petit Merde. TR51891703. 4/12/06. Brdr: Terry McIntyre & Carol J Fredrick, Ch Tuinluv Titians Afterburn - Titian's Savoir Faire. Owners: Annie Wood,Alexis Carter,Aaron BradshawAgent: Alexis Carter (Papillons)
1/BJH 59 CH WINFREE'S DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC. SR36432801. 5/31/06. Brdr: Lisa Ross, CH WINFREE MAGIC MIRROR - CH WINFREE'S PUPPET ON A STRING. Owners: Rachel Romano Kelly,Ania KellyAgent: Ania Gabrielle Kelly (Spaniels, English Cocker)
Open Senior Class   Judge:
Morrison-Jones, Alicia
4 60 DC MEADOWCREEK LIGHT IN THE SKY SC. HM83033008. 4/15/99. Brdr: Robin Clifford,Lesley Clifford, CH OAKLARA MEADOWCREEK BLACKOUT JC - DC KENAI KISS THE GIRL SC. Owners: Diane DavisAgent: Jordan Davis (Borzois)
  61 CH Sheez-Beez Night Thief. RM36134001. 10/20/01. Brdr: Sheila T. Allen, CH Windfall First Nighter - Seafox Sheez-Beez Stealastorm. Owners: Desiree RudisillAgent: Desi Rudisill (Fox Terriers(Smooth))
  63 CH PARAY'S GOSSIP STOPS RN. NM93802704. 8/10/02. Brdr: Tray Pittman,Paul Flores, CH PARAY'S WHITE FIB OF SOQUEL - CH SASIKAY HIT PARAY. Owners: Anne-Lise Nilsen,Shelly HalmaAgent: Anne-Lise Nilsen (Bichon Frises)
  65 CH. CASMOR'S AIR FORCE ONE CD. WS03188304. 2/17/03. Brdr: Kim Elksnis, CH ADESA I'M STEPPING OUT - CH CASSI VOM NIBELUNGENPFAD. Owners: Stacy Slade,Alyssa BaderAgent: Alyssa C. Bader (Bernese Mountain Dogs)
  66 CH Coralwoods the called shot. sr17968704. 6/14/04. Brdr: Sally Barton, Ch Coralwoods Sultan of Swat - Ch Oncore Coralwood Impact Of Galway. Owners: Sally Barton,Sue Bartow,Kevin Chestnut,Alliea ZimmerAgent: Alliea Zimmer (Pointers)
  67 ESSPECIAL HONEYMOONER. SR17544602. 6/8/04. Brdr: Monica Bowers, Robin Novack, CH TIFFANY'S YOU'VE BEEN WARNED - CH ESSPECIAL MOONLITE RENDEZVOUS. Owners: Demery Paladichuk,Monica BowersAgent: Demery Paladichuk (Spaniels, English Springer)
3 68 CH GENBROOK'S MAN IN BLACK. TR17792401. 7/5/03. Brdr: Brooke Kaye-Albright, CH GENBROOK'S GOLDEN WHISPERS - GENBROOK'S FANCY SOLO GEN-OS. Owners: B. Kaye-Albright,G. Stiles,V. Stiles,Brittany DavisAgent: Brittany Davis (Chihuahuas(Smooth Coat))
  69 VALIVIEW'S SUMMER ROMANCE. SR26335501. 4/17/05. Brdr: Julie Chaykin, Lauren Chaykin, Jo Simpson, CH SUNBEAM PLAYED TO POOH FECT'N CDX RN - CH VALIVIEW'S UNFORGETABLE SUMMER. Owners: Melissa Smeester,Jo Simpson,Karly Simpson,Claudia ShawAgent: Melissa Smeester (Retrievers, Golden)
  70 CH. Avonleah's Tradewind Traveler. SR29357504. 9/9/05. Brdr: Tobi Hensley,Randy Sutton,Jocelyn Higa-Sutton, Esspecial Moonlight Express - CH Pawmarc's Our Blessing Jesse. Owners: Tobi Hensley,Randy Sutton,Jocelyn Higa-SuttonAgent: Jordan Amedee (Spaniels, English Springer)
  71 SKYLOCKES ULTIMATE OBESSION. WS07605303. 3/19/04. Brdr: Judy Pritchard, Kieth Pritchard, CH SKYLOCKES OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE - SKYLOCKES RIVER DANCE. Owners: Alexandrea Mckee,Cami MckeeAgent: Alexandrea McKee (Doberman Pinschers)
  72 CH RINGHILL MELODY OF ANGELS. TR42546301. 9/5/05. Brdr: Verlynn Johns, Julia Johns, CH RINGHILL HEIR TO THE THRONE - CH RINGHILL GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia JohnsAgent: Julia John's (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
  73 CHERRY CREEK A TICKET TO RIDE. HP18847801. 11/7/05. Brdr: Robert Biesiedzinski, Vivian Biesiedzinski, CH WINDKIST A WALK IN THE PARK - CH CHERRY CREEK MAGIC POTION. Owners: Robert Biesiedzinski,Vivian BiesiedzinskiAgent: Allison M Biesiedzinski (Beagles15")
  74 CH KEEPSAKE'S SOUTHERN CHARM. HP07177301. 7/9/03. Brdr: Doug Mansfield,Elisha Mansfield,Dinah Baggenstos,Rick Baggenstos, CH LANBUR THE CONTINENTAL - CH KEEPSAKE MELODY'S MINNIE ME. Owners: D. Mansfield,E. Mansfield,R. Baggenstos,D. BaggenstosAgent: Andrew Mansfield (Beagles13")
  75 CH SNOWCREEK'S NIGHTRIDER, JH. SR25832501. 5/5/05. Brdr: Dianna James, J Bradfeldt, CH SNOWCREEKS FOSTER OF MORUADA RN JH - CH SNOWCREEK ELEMENT O SURPRISE JH. Owners: Dianna James,J Bradfeldt,Cheyenne SchlechtAgent: Cheyenne Schlecht (Pointers, German Shorthaired)
  76 CH THREE B'S ORION OF WIND MTN JH. SN84198706. 5/28/01. Brdr: Sherry Rilea, CH THREE B'S MIDAS TOUCH - CH THREE B'S LITTLE RAE OF SUN. Owners: Jaime Eiene,Connie Strom,Sherry RileaAgent: Jaime Eiene (Brittanys)
  78 CH CORALWOOD THROWS A CURVE. SN80450601. 12/29/00. Brdr: Sally Barton, CH ALBELARM STINGER O'SHOREVIEW - CH CORALWOODS DESIGNATED HITTER. Owners: Tia Smith,Jenny Dawson,Sally BartonAgent: Tia Smith (Pointers)
1 79 PAWMARC'S SPEED OF LIGHT. SR31246002. 1/5/06. Brdr: Pat Wilabey,Bobbie Daniel, CH PAWMARC'S NORTHERN LIGHTS - CH PAWMARC'S TWILIGHT DAZZEL. Owners: Agnes Wojnar,Mary Wojnar,Pat WilabyAgent: Agnes Wojmar (Spaniels, English Springer)
2 80 CH DAYNAKIN OH SO PRETTY AT NIMROTTS. WS19988406. 11/11/06. Brdr: Georgia Hymmen, Jack Henderson, CH WHISPER HILLS TUFF E NUFF - CH RUATHA DAYNAKIN LADY HAWKE. Owners: Sarah Stenberg,Georgia HymmenAgent: Sarah Stenberg (Great Danes)
  81 Laurado's What 'N Blazes. WS20442305. 12/27/06. Brdr: Katie Edwards and Shannon Edwards, BIS Am. Can. Ch. Sasdania-Vitag's Frozen Asset - Am. Can. Ch. Laurado's Hi Mynt'nance Woman. Owners: Katie Edwards,Shannon EdwardsAgent: Shannon Edwards (Great Danes)
A 82 VICDORY'S MOOSE ON SHADOW MTN. WS18961602. 9/15/06. Brdr: Vicki J Graves, CH SHADOW MTN HOT AUGUST NIGHT - CH VICDORY'S JADE PALACE. Owners: Paul Bodeving,Karen Bodeving,Rebecca BodevingAgent: Rebecca Bodeving (Saint Bernards)
  83 VICTORIA'S AUTUMN SYMPHONY. WR04762401. 9/27/01. Brdr: Jillian Fittinger, Isabel Molina, CH DUSTY ROAD'S FIRST IMPRESSION - VICTORIA'S GENVINE RISK. Owners: Darlene Lybyer,Valerie LybyerAgent: Valerie Lybyer (Boxers)