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Nisqually Kennel Club
Saturday All Breed & Obedience Trial
Saturday, Aug 11th 2007


Novice Junior Class   Judge:
Spalding, Marcy R.
4 5 Singing Wind's Maggie. TP11392502. 10/14/00. Brdr: Betty Holten, Preily's Fringe Benefit - Pugantics Florile. Owners: Nancy HoodAgent: Erin Hood (Pugs)
3 6 BETZBULLS THUNDER ROLLS. NP08787801. 2/4/05. Brdr: Ryan Betz, Mary Betz, CH HELFYRE WARMVALLEY SIXPENCE - BETZBULLS BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE LHF. Owners: Ryan Betz,Mary BetzAgent: Josh Betz (Bulldogs)
2 8 FULL OF MALARKEY 'CAUSE I CAN. TR57119701. 10/16/06. Brdr: Patrick and Tamara Kelly, Full of Malarkey Cavaliers, CH SHEEBA DISCOVER MARCO POLO - CH FLEET STREET WHITE DIAMONDS. Owners: Coleman ForresterAgent: Coleman Forrester (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
1 10 TAMZIL ZOEY. NP13536007. 5/18/06. Brdr: Liana Craven, Gregory Craven, CH TOREANA TECEE SKAMAR - CH TAMZIL'S SUMMER SOLSTICE. Owners: Beth LivingstonAgent: Isabella Livingston (Tibetan Spaniels)
Novice Intermediate Class   Judge:
Spalding, Marcy R.
4 11 CH XSBAGGAGE LONG LOST RAIDER. NM92486002. 8/30/01. Brdr: Teri Moyer,Gilbert Morasco,Deanna K. Morasco, XS BAGGAGE LIL RED CABOOSE - XS BAGGAGE CREMDELACREM NIKI. Owners: James M. Crow,Kathy CrowAgent: James M Crow (Chinese Shar-pei)
2 12 DEBLON'S DANCE DE ROSA. PR08454602. 4/30/06. Brdr: Rose Hanish, CH DEESHLER'S DIME A DANCE - GAYEL'S LAYLA DE ROSA. Owners: Deb PhillipsAgent: Samantha Madtson (Poodles(Miniature))
3 13 SKYWALKERS SAGGITTARIO. HP20858805. 3/28/06. Brdr: CC Harris, RYSHERON'S KC'S DELIGHT - SKYWALKER'S AISABELLA. Owners: Ed & Kathy Crow,Cc HarrisAgent: William D Crow (Irish Wolfhounds)
1 15 CAMANOS MOLLY JOLLY BODY CD . DL90701003. 2/17/02. Brdr: Steve Morgan,Teri Howard, TIMBERWOOD'S DREAM CATCHER - BUGG'SELECTRIC BLUE ION EWE CD NA. Owners: Katie OliverAgent: Katie Oliver (Australian Shepherds)
Novice Senior Class   Judge:
Spalding, Marcy R.
1 16 Blackfyre Double Take. DN02657902. 4/18/02. Brdr: KARYN C. COWDREY, CH BLACKFYRE ABSOLUTELY WYLD - CH BELAMBA PARAMOUR. Owners: Kelsey Guyer,Karyn CowdreyAgent: Kelsey Guyer (Belgian Tervurens)
4 17 BLACK WATCH'S DONNIE BROOKE. WR04855901. 9/29/01. Brdr: Robin Kestin, CH SUSANA SPRING'S SAILORS CHOICE - MCCRACKEN PTS SEA DORYS BLACK WATCH. Owners: Robin Kestin,Sybil Lambert,Aimee HoodAgent: Aimee Hood (Newfoundlands)
  18 NW SULEN'S FLASHY LADY'S MAN. TR34891202. 2/9/05. Brdr: Tamara Lucas, SONSHINES CAUSE FOR ALARM - NW PUG GENTLEMEN PREFER FAWNS. Owners: Suzanne JohnsonAgent: Brandon Johnson (Pugs)
  19 LAZYRIVER NIGHT SHADE. HP16736104. 5/11/05. Brdr: Bobby Albott, Robert C. Fisher II, CH SEDGWICK'S ROB ROY - LAZYRIVER SUN FLOWER. Owners: Bobby Albott,Paul Julsing,Kaitlyn KarcherAgent: Kaitlyn Karcher (Basset Hounds)
  20 GLENBRITTLE CAMCREST SUNSHINE SUPERMAN. RN11651205. 4/25/06. Brdr: Sandy Campbell & Robert McCaskill DVM, CH SWEETSOUND'S KING O'ROCKN ROLL - CH CAMCREST BEBE QUEEN OF TROUBLE. Owners: Robert McCaskill,Sandy CampbellAgent: Travis Campbell (West Highland White Terriers)
3 21 BRIER'S NEVER SAY NEVER . . 5/15/00. Brdr: Unknown, UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN. Owners: Katie HarbaughAgent: Katie Harbaugh (Retrievers, Golden)
1 22 RAMSGATE'S I.B. A WARLOCK TOO. WS19520501. 11/13/06. Brdr: Michele Slate, CH DERBY'S WARLOCK OF WHISPERING PINE - CH SHADETREE'S JUST PEACHY. Owners: LaDawn Matney,Richard Matney,Tawna Matney,Michele SlateAgent: Tawna Matney (Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs)
Open Junior Class   Judge:
Spalding, Marcy R.
  7 RAVENSOWN EL DIEGO ROJO. WS13295007. 5/5/05. Brdr: Corrinne V. Minnard, Ch. RAVENSOWN CHEROKEE SKYS - LIBERTY'S LADY ANNABELLE. Owners: Corrinne V MinnardAgent: Grace Boren (Doberman Pinschers)
  23 CH RINGHILL ANGEL IN THE MORNING. TN92649205. 8/30/99. Brdr: Carol Williams, Hank Williams, CH.PAMEDNA SIR EDWARD - CH. THREE PENNY OPERA. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia JohnsAgent: Malynn Johns (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
3 24 CH Okekai Rocket In My Pocket. TN97266102. 9/29/99. Brdr: Peter & Barbara Ankersmit , Joyce Wicks, Serna-Stedt Prince of Tales - CH Chrysalis Sweet Leilani. Owners: Karen Primrose,Erin R. PrimroseAgent: Erin R. Primrose (Papillons)
  25 CH FOXFIRE'S TICKET TO PARADISE. WS09276503. 5/24/04. Brdr: Michelle Santana,Katherine Torre, CH FOXFIRE'S THAT'S THE TICKET - CH FOXFIRE'S IMAGINE THAT. Owners: Teresa Ross,Michelle SantanaAgent: Mallary Ross (Doberman Pinschers)
  26 POUCH COVE'S STRONG WILLED. WS13876405. 6/15/05. Brdr: Milan Lint, Peggy Helming, CH POUCH COVE WALKS THE PLANK - CH RAFFLES PLAINLY POUCH COVE. Owners: Kristle Marangon,David MarangonAgent: Hana Deiuri Marangon (Portuguese Water Dogs)
  27 KIROS TOAST TO THE HEAVENS. SR26709601. 5/8/05. Brdr: Carole Hachtel, Roland Hachtel, CH KIROS WESTBOURNES RED ROBIN - NUBRIDGE'S PLAY TO WIN. Owners: Angel Audette,Kincade AudetteAgent: Kincade Audette (Retrievers, Golden)
2 28 CEDARSPRING SPIRIT O'THE WEST. RN10421403. 11/2/05. Brdr: Bonnie Short, Lee Short, CEDARSPRINGS CONTENDER - CEDARSPRINGS CHASIN' RAINBOWS. Owners: Bonnie Short,Lee ShortAgent: Tyra Short (Parson Russell Terriers)
4 29 VALIVIEW'S PUTTIN ON THE RITZ. SR25053001. 2/13/05. Brdr: Jo Simpson,Jared Smith,Caleb Smith, CH GOODTIMES ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - VALIVIEW'S LIL GOLD CORVET. Owners: Jo Simpson,Christian RuttenAgent: Christian Rutten (Retrievers, Golden)
1 30 BLUE ROSE WALK THE LINE. RN10545201. 11/7/05. Brdr: Phil Booth, Amy Rodrigues, CH LAURELTON DECORUM TO BOLDLY GO - BROXDEN LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Owners: Becky Noe,Amy Rodrigues,Benjamin CeccarelliAgent: Benjamin Ceccarelli (Fox Terriers(Smooth))
Open Intermediate Class   Judge:
Spalding, Marcy R.
  14 CH CASTLEHILL'S NEVER TOO RICH. HP18216701. 11/6/05. Brdr: Sharon Dok, James R Dok, CH TOPSFIELD-SANCHU WHOOPI - CH CASTLEHILL'S NEVER TOO RICH. Owners: Sarah Broom,Sharon DokAgent: Sarah Broom (Basset Hounds)
  31 CH CRESWICK CAMEO SIMPLY RED, JH, SH, MH. SN92656602. 9/21/02. Brdr: Julie Wickwire,Robert Wickwire, Leslie Connell, CH CYPRESS WOODS DEALERS CHOICE - CH CAMEO COMEDY THE DIVINE MS. M, JH, SH, MH. Owners: Robert Wickwire,Julie WickwireAgent: Lauren Wickwire (Spaniels, Clumber)
4 32 CH HIJINKS JACK OF HEARTS MX MXJ. SN78719404. 10/17/00. Brdr: Elaine Resner, Cathy English, Debbie English, CH ALYNN'S AMBASSADOR VCD2,UD,SH,MX, MXJ - CH ENGLISH'S SATIN BROCADE,CD,AX, AXJ. Owners: Anna Gilles,Elaine RosnerAgent: Anna Gilles (Spaniels, English Springer)
  33 HAPIPAWS VINTAGE OF CHOICE. WS11415301. 12/27/04. Brdr: Deborah Jordan, CH Nakiskas Giant of Hapipaws - CH Nakiskas Ms Peaches N Cream. Owners: Deborah Jordan ,Shelby SterleyAgent: Shelby Sterley (Newfoundlands)
3 34 CH FOXGLOVES ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. SR17197802. 12/8/03. Brdr: Karen Niffenegger, Brian Hill, CH Royalwyn Classic Blues - FC FLASH'S ONLY ANNIE KNOWS. Owners: Taylor Irvin,Kim AbbottAgent: Taylor Irvin (Pointers, German Shorthaired)
A 35 VALIVIEW'S SUMMER ROMANCE. SR26335501. 4/17/05. Brdr: Julie Chaykin, Lauren Chaykin, Jo Simpson, CH SUNBEAM PLAYED TO POOH FECT'N CDX RN - CH VALIVIEW'S UNFORGETABLE SUMMER. Owners: Jo Simpson,Melissa Smeester,Karly SimpsonAgent: Melissa Smeester (Retrievers, Golden)
  36 WYNSET FIREBRAND. DN08218101. 9/14/04. Brdr: Gary Whitmore,Dawn Pecora, CH KENSIL'S PLAYING WITH MATCHES - FIRST LIGHT WYNSET ARISE. Owners: Haley Pemble,Bonnie PembleAgent: Haley Pemble (Shetland Sheepdogs)
2 38 CH GRYPHON'S COURTJESTER ALFHEIM SC. HP18381604. 8/25/05. Brdr: Susan Fegan, DC GRYPHON'S MERI MONARCH - CH GRYPHON'S AFRICAN QUEEN. Owners: Avery McLeod,Stephanie McLeod,Alexis CarterAgent: Alexis Carter (Ibizan Hounds)
  39 MY DARLING KAITLYN OF CEDARCROFT ML. HP19645701. 1/27/06. Brdr: Mike Dilley, Terri Dilley, Martha Deans, AUSLAGEN SILVER ODDISHE MLD - FC DILL-RICH MS. LILLEY M DILLEY ME. Owners: Mike Dilley,Terri Dilley,Martha DeansAgent: Martha Deans (Dachshunds(Longhaired))
A 40 Moriah's O' Mio Myo. TR46750101. 12/19/05. Brdr: Eileen Bentz, CH Montara's Houdini - Kandu's Lil Ms Kitty Come Home. Owners: Eileen Bentz,Sarah BentzAgent: Sarah Bentz (Maltese)
  41 CH HAUERDANE'S COFFE TALKS ICON . WS15625606. 12/7/05. Brdr: Beve , Treasure Hauer, Jeanette Copeland , CH M.J.B. HAUERDANES MR. COFFEE - CAMELOT'S LA LA LA-LOLA . Owners: Jamie Harshfield ,Jordan HarshfieldAgent: Jordan Nicole Harshfield (Great Danes)
  42 CH THREE B'S ORION OF WIND MTN JH. SN84198706. 5/28/01. Brdr: Sherry Rilea, CH THREE B'S MIDAS TOUCH - CH THREE B'S LITTLE RAE OF SUN. Owners: Jaime Eiene,Connie Strom,and Sherry RileaAgent: Jaime Eiene (Brittanys)
1 43 CH CORALWOOD THROWS A CURVE. SN80450601. 12/29/00. Brdr: Sally Barton, CH ALBELARM STINGER O'SHOREVIEW - CH CORALWOODS DESIGNATED HITTER. Owners: Tia Smith,Sally Barton,Jennifer DawsonAgent: Tia Smith (Pointers)
  44 ALIBI'S BILLY THE KID CD SH. SR13790907. 12/29/03. Brdr: Wendy Burley, Robert Burley, CH SKYFIRE'S OUGHTA BE A LAW CD JH - LATTE'S MISS LEAH CD. Owners: Wendy Burley,Aaron BradshawAgent: Aaron Bradshaw (Retrievers, Labrador)
  45 WINTERCREEK'S SWEET SUCCESS. DN16461701. 10/21/06. Brdr: Debby and Jim Gayton, NEAHM WINTERCREEK CHASING TROUBLE - WINTERCREEK SPLASH DANCE. Owners: Hannah Smith,Joanne Smith,Debby GaytonAgent: Hannah Smith (Shetland Sheepdogs)
  46 SET'R RIDGE'S EVER MORE. SR26301502. 4/16/05. Brdr: Melissa D Newman, CH SET'R RIDGE'S PEMBERLEY GOLD - CH SET'R RIDGE'S EVERLASTING MH . Owners: CHARLOTTE M ROBERTSAgent: Danica Smith (Setters, English)
Open Senior Class   Judge:
Spalding, Marcy R.
  47 DC MEADOWCREEK LIGHT IN THE SKY SC. HM83033008. 4/15/99. Brdr: Robin Clifford,Lesley Clifford, CH OAKLARA MEADOWCREEK BLACKOUT JC - DC KENAI KISS THE GIRL SC. Owners: Diane DavisAgent: Jordan Davis (Borzois)
A 48 CH RIDGEBURY FRIAR TUCK O'JESKAR. SN72107403. 2/12/00. Brdr: Penny McKay, CH NOHEA HERE COMES RUDOLPH - CH NOHEA SPICE GIRL. Owners: Kari Schlecht,Cheyenne SchlechtAgent: Cheyenne Schlecht (Spaniels, English Cocker)
JUDG 49 CH Sheez-Beez Night Thief. RM36134001. 10/20/01. Brdr: Sheila T. Allen, CH Windfall First Nighter - Seafox Sheez-Beez Stealastorm. Owners: Desiree Rudisill,Sheila T. AllenAgent: Desi Rudisill (Fox Terriers(Smooth))
1/BJH 50 CH HEARTWOODS JEWEL OF WM WRANCH. WS00717103. 4/9/02. Brdr: Jeffrey Fagan, Juanita Fagan, CH Cambria's Highly Regarded - Heartwoods Jewel of the Nile. Owners: Meghan MunterAgent: Meghan Munter (Doberman Pinschers)
  51 CH CHERRY CREEK MAN IN BLACK. HN00943701. 8/27/02. Brdr: Robert Biesiedzinski,Vivian Biesiedzinski, CH CLARION JOLLY SWAGMAN - CH CHERRY CREEK HOCUS POCUS. Owners: Robert Biesiedzinski,Vivian BiesiedzinskiAgent: Allison M Biesiedzinski (Beagles15")
A 52 CH BLOOM AN'S MAXIMUM ATTITUDE. TP27710102. 12/15/01. Brdr: Annette Blomquist, CH EZEE SPECIAL EDITION - CH TAMBORA'S RAGTIME GAL CD. Owners: Annette Blomquist,Candace BlomquistAgent: Candace Blomquist (Papillons)
  53 CH RINGHILL HEIR TO THE THRONE. TR18726601. 10/12/03. Brdr: Verlynn Johns, CH MAIBEE ROYAL REVENGE - CH PAULIAN TRINKET. Owners: Verlynn Johns,Julia JohnsAgent: Julia Johns (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
  54 CH JUMOKE KHANI BARU PASO DOBLE. HP09038508. 1/21/04. Brdr: B. Gregory, L. Gregory, G. Woodard, C. Paulsen, K. Britton, DC KHANI'S BENNY N THE JETS SC - CH JUMOKE BARU MISCHIEVOUS SPRITE. Owners: Tia Lee,B. Gregory,L. GregoryAgent: Tia Lee (Basenjis)
  55 CH KENSIL'S DEVIL DUST. DN04217301. 2/5/03. Brdr: Gary Whitmore, Sylvia Calderwood, CH KELNOOK'S DEVIL TO PAY CD AX MXJ - KENSIL'S WIND IN THE WILLOWS. Owners: Gary Whitmore,Ashlie WhitmoreAgent: Ashlie Whitmore (Shetland Sheepdogs)
A 56 ESSPECIAL HONEYMOONER. SR17544602. 6/8/04. Brdr: Monica Bowers, Robin Novack, CH TIFFANY'S YOU'VE BEEN WARNED - CH ESSPECIAL MOONLITE RENDEZVOUS. Owners: Demery Paladichuk,Monica BowersAgent: Demery Paladichuk (Spaniels, English Springer)
  57 MISTY CCR SUSIE Q. SR22112601. 10/29/04. Brdr: Mark Warren,Pamela L Sage, CH ANSONS ON THE ROCKS - CH ANSONS MILLENIUM MIST. Owners: Hulda Warren,Pamela Sage,Jalise ZumsteinAgent: Jalise Zumstein (Weimaraners)
2 58 GENBROOK'S MAN IN BLACK. TR17792401. 7/5/03. Brdr: Brooke Kaye-Albright, CH GENBROOK'S GOLDEN WHISPERS - GENBROOK'S FANCY SOLO GEN-OS. Owners: B. Kaye-Albright,Gary Stiles,Vicki Powers Stiles,Brittany DavisAgent: Brittany Davis (Chihuahuas(Smooth Coat))
  59 DC ALFHEIMS HOLY CANNOLI, SC. TR38429907. 5/25/05. Brdr: Avery McLeod,Stephanie McLeod, CH SONATA KIMSON ICING ON THE CAKE - CH CHMIRAGE'S NISSE OF ALFHEIM SC. Owners: Avery McLeod,Stephanie McLeod,Alexzandra ErbAgent: Alexzandra Erb (Italian Greyhounds)
  60 CH KEEPSAKE'S SOUTHERN CHARM. HP07177301. 7/9/03. Brdr: Doug Mansfield,Elisha Mansfield,Dinah Baggenstos,Rick Baggenstos, CH LANBUR THE CONTINENTAL - CH KEEPSAKE MELODY'S MINNIE ME. Owners: Doug Mansfield JR,Elisha Mansfield,Rick Baggenstos,Dinah BaggenstosAgent: Andrew Mansfield (Beagles13")
3 61 AUSTIN'S CHIEF WHITE BEAR RA. SN68001204. 10/20/99. Brdr: Jeff R Urbach, SANDLAKE'S ST NIKOLAS MH - LADY TESS DREAM MACHINE. Owners: David Brown,Annette Brown,Amy HubbelAgent: Amy Hubbell (Retrievers, Labrador)
  62 CH FEATHURQUEST MOONLIGHT SONATA. SR32225803. 1/15/06. Brdr: Masaki Shimizu, CH WHAZTHAT'S KOOL RUNNER - CH MS NALA OF FEATHERQUEST. Owners: Rici MorrillAgent: Rici Morrill (Retrievers, Flat-Coated)
  63 Island's Hidalgo. TR47630602. 11/3/05. Brdr: Janice Horne, Shelah Frey, Ch Island's Tom Thumb Critendale - Ch Aztex Island Breeze. Owners: Hannah Spencer,Janice HorneAgent: Hannah Spencer (Miniature Pinschers)
4 64 PAWMARC'S SPEED OF LIGHT. SR31246002. 1/5/06. Brdr: Pat Wilabey,Bobbie Daniel, CH PAWMARC'S NORTHERN LIGHTS - CH PAWMARC'S TWILIGHT DAZZEL. Owners: Agnes Wojnar,Mary Wojnar,Pat WilabeyAgent: Agnes Wojmar (Spaniels, English Springer)
A 65 BRIGHTON MONA LISA AT LAKERIDGE. PR09664305. 9/17/06. Brdr: Debra Ferguson-Jones,L'Dyne Brennan, CH ALE KAI MIKIMOTO ON FIFTH - CH BRIGHTON CALENDAR GIRL. Owners: Debra Ferguson-Jones,L'Dyne BrennanAgent: Kaitlyn Jones (Poodles(Standard))
  66 ON THE SPOT'S MILLION DOLLAR BABY. NP14644603. 10/1/06. Brdr: Bonnie Rose,Jo Monro, CH Nspird Hollywood Legend - CH Signature's Slippery When Wet. Owners: Bonnie Rose,David Walde,Sandra Walde,LauraAnne VancleeveAgent: LauraAnne Vancleeve (Dalmatians)
  67 STONEBROOK IT'S ALL MINE. RN13312701. 1/27/07. Brdr: Beverly Wilson, Martin Cabral, Dean Busby, CH WHISPER WIND I'M A DIGNIFIED DUDE - CH STONEBROOK'S STYLE ALL HER OWN. Owners: Paul Briganti,Robin BrigantiAgent: Stephanie Morrill (Parson Russell Terriers)
  68 KEHRE'S TALK TO ME. SR32750701. 2/13/06. Brdr: Rebecca Gear,Bridgett Coffey, CH PAWMARC'S NORTHERN LIGHTS - CH KEHRE'S GOTTA HAVE MOXIE. Owners: Rebecca Gear,Bridgett CoffeyAgent: Bridgett Coffey (Spaniels, English Springer)